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Honors Conferences

Each semester the Honors candidate and advisor meet with their assigned liaison for an Honors conference. The conference lasts no longer than 30 minutes. Candidates are asked to give a brief (five to ten minute) oral presentation on their projects and their progress, and may use any audio-visual aids deemed necessary for this presentation. The candidate's presentation is followed by a brief question-and-answer period. The candidate should provide a printed bibliography of works relevant to the project.

The objective of these conferences is to get substantive feedback from the candidate and advisor regarding their individual and collective perspective on the candidate's progress to date. After the conference, the liaison files a Honors Conference Report reporting to the Honors Committee about the status of the candidate’s project.

At the Semester 2 conference, candidates will submit their Final Oral Examination Panel Nominations. Please see the definition of the Examination Panel for details of the panel composition.