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Honors Poster Presentations

Each spring the Honors program hosts a poster session for all current projects. Honors candidates will be asked to prepare a poster describing their project, and then attend the poster session to discuss their project with the Moravian University community.

The date for this year's poster session may be found in the Honors calendar page.

Poster Guidelines

A poster should contain the title of the project, candidate's name, advisor's name, liaison's name, a brief abstract, and some text. Plan on five or six paragraphs for a typical poster. Images include graphs are always helpful in making an engaging poster.

Candidates have two choices when preparing their posters. They may design the posters themselves or use the design services of StudioSouth.

Self-Designed Posters

Posters should be 40”x30” and should contain the project title, candidate name, the advisor's and liaison's name. Students may wish to use the Powerpoint Honors poster template as a starting point for the design process.

Please make sure that all images you use are either in a scalable vector format or at least 300 dpi. If you use smaller images the result will be very pixelated when printed at full poster size.

All self-designed posters must be sent to Dr. Hildebrandt in either Powerpoint or PDF format by the date given on the Honors calendar page.


For candidates who do not wish to design their own poster, the Honors program will pay for design and printing services through StudioSouth. In order to use these services candidates will need to provide their designer with appropriate text and images near the beginning of the Spring semester. Please check the Honors calendar page for exact dates.

Further Reading

What makes a great academic poster? Below are several links to help you answer this question.

Examples from the Past

Here are a few samples of posters from previous years. Some are self-designed and some were designed by StudioSouth. Click each image to see a larger view of the poster.

Example one example two
example three example four