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Withdrawing from Honors

Candidates who wish to withdraw from the Honors Program at any time should submit a written request to the Honors Committee Chair. With their advisor's approval, a grade of W will be assigned for all withdrawals. Students who withdraw in this manner do not receive any course credit, but their grade point averages are not affected.

A student who withdraws from Honors after the add/drop period of either semester is eligible to switch the Honors project to an Independent Study, with the approval of the student's Honors advisor and the Honors Committee. The student should submit a written petition to the Honors Committee Chair, which must be accompanied by a written note of support from the project advisor. If approved, then the project advisor will determine what the student must do to complete the Independent Study project. The final grade for the Independent Study is determined by the project advisor. If either the Honors Committee or the Honors advisor rejects the conversion request, the student can appeal this decision by contacting the Academic Standards Committee.

If that withdrawal occurs during the second term of the Honors project, the student may receive only a single unit of credit for the Independent Study; the student and the advisor will determine in which term of study (fall or spring) the registrar will record the W and in which term the registrar will record the Independent Study.

The Honors Committee reserves the right at any time, after consultation with the project advisor, to require that a candidate withdraw from the Honors Program because the candidate's work, overall performance, or grade point average has fallen below the standard expected for all Honors candidates.