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InFocus - Scarcity: Poverty & Inequality


2019-2020 Challenge Area: Poverty & Inequality

Co-Directors: Sonia Aziz and Heikki Lempa

Areas of Research and/or Expertise:

Sonia Aziz 

Dr. Aziz's most recent research involves work under the aegis of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Applied Earth Sciences. She is co-principal investigator of the NASA funded multi-year project “Socio-economic evaluation of multi-sensor remote sensing approach to predict cholera” which is ongoing through April 2018 under collaborative agreements with West Virginia University and the University of Maryland at College Park. She is currently an associate professor, and, as Co-Director of the Poverty & Inequality Center of Investigation at Moravian College, she coordinates multiple interdisciplinary research initiatives related to environmental and health issues. 

Heikki Lempa 

Dr. Lempa's most current research involves, "Spaces of Recognition. Honor and Civil Society in Classical Germany, 1700-1914" explores, through a series of case studies, how the sense and practices of honor changed in Germany and how these changes were connected to the development of civil society from 1700 to 1914, and "Feelings Materialized. Emotions, Bodies, and Things in Modern Germany." My new research project probes the history of the German body in a global context, 1700-1914. As co-director of Poverty and Inequality InFocus he coordinates research initiatives related to global challenges using scarcity as a foundational framework.