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Moravian College

InFocus Healthcare Team


Sabrina Terrizzi, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business

Sabrina Terrizzi

Dr. Terrizzi has teaching and research experience across a variety of fields in economics and information systems. Despite this breadth of experience, her specialty and true passion align in the field of health economics. Dr. Terrizzi has conducted research in three primary areas of health economics: prescription drug expenditures, healthcare delivery, and healthcare behaviors. She is currently expanding her research to study various effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including: the effect of the ACA on entrepreneurship; and the regional effects of the ACA on chronic health care outcomes, utilization, and income inequality. The goal of each analysis is to inform healthcare policy with the priority of providing more affordable healthcare to support a healthier population.

Phone: 610-625-7937

Pamela Adamshick, Associate Professor of Nursing

Pamela Adamshick

Dr. Adamshick is an advanced practice RN and has numerous years of experience. Her experience as a nurse educator includes teaching in Masters, Baccalaureate, diploma, Associate degree, RN-BSN completion, and accelerated post-baccalaureate programs. She has participated in international nursing experiences, including an educational nursing exchange with students from the University of Southern Queensland and from Queensland University of Technology (Australia). She accompanied nursing students on clinical nursing care experiences in Honduras with the MAMA project. Dr. Adamshick has presented her research at international, national, and local conferences. She has several peer-reviewed publications, and participates on a regular basis as a reviewer for nursing and psychosocial journals.

Phone: 610-625-7766



Healthcare: 2017-2018 Center for Investigation

A culture’s definition and understanding of the human condition, its ideas about the balance of rights and responsibilities, and its particular system of production impact the scope and nature of its health care resources. The Moravian College community will take advantage of our focus on health and health care to explore these questions through a multidisciplinary lens. 

Looking at the intersections of the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences, we will investigate our understanding of what it means to be human. 

We will reflect on our past, take a snapshot of our current understanding of health and benchmark standards of what constitutes healthiness, and ponder our collective next steps, remembering at every point of the analysis that in our contemplation of our physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being, we are asking the most basic questions about our understanding of the human condition.