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Moravian College Magazine - fall 2019

Our Donors and the Difference They Make

Our fall issue is always dedicated to those individuals, families, and corporations who continue to invest in our mission to educate all.

Your giving can be seen in action through the individual students your scholarship money helps, through funding for student research, or through our corporate funding initiatives, such as our Girl Scout CodeHOUNDS Camp.

A college degree is one of the few investments that keeps appreciating year after year. When each of us accepted the invitation to become a Moravian Greyhound, we also accepted the responsibility to take care of her and invest in her so that the next generation could have full advantage of the "Moravian Magic." Thank you, each and every one of you, for believing in Moravian and continuing to build your legacy and your family's legacy on this campus.



Mueller's Legacy

The Weaknecht Family—Legacy of Giving
Theophil H. "T.H." Mueller 1910, Sem '12 made it possible for three members of the Weaknecht family
to attend Moravian College and make a difference in their communities.

Two Centuries on Church Street

Celebrating the 200th birthday of the John Frederick Frueauff House.

The Power of Giving

How scholarships changed the lives of three students.


Beta Brothers

By John Harting '71
Former fraternity brothers band together to serve the homeless.


Your Story

Professional interests sparked at Moravian pull Amy Kohler Howard '95 back from the courtroom to the classroom.