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Moravian University
Human Resources

Global Email Policy


This policy addresses appropriate and authorized use of Moravian University’s global email lists. The College has multiple global email lists as well as employee group email lists available for sending official, relevant College-related announcements. Because email is the University’s official means of communication, membership on these lists is mandatory for College employees and students. Because members cannot “unsubscribe” to the list(s), access and permissions to use the lists is moderated and their use is restricted per Moravian University policy to ensure that only critical and universal information is shared globally.


  1. The ability to send mass emails on campus is limited to the following offices:

    1. All Vice Presidents/Provost
    2. Registrar
    3. President’s Office
    4. Campus Police
    5. Chaplain

    Any and all mass emails to be distributed across campus are to be submitted to the appropriate Vice President/Provost who shall make the determination of whether it is appropriate and/or necessary to send the mass email.

    Sensitivity should be exercised in terms of the number of times that the same email is sent as a mass email.

    The Moravian app should be used whenever that distribution method will achieve the desired result.

  2. Content must be official College business that is significant and relevant to all employees and/or all students receiving the message. Event announcements, lost and found announcements, for sale announcements, solicitations, for example, are typically not allowed and must be posted in the appropriate discussion group within the Moravian App.

  3. This policy supersedes all other “email list” policies regardless of origination.

  4. Affected Lists as of 10/16/2017

    • _MU - Students
    • _ALL - College
    • _ALL - College, Seminary, Comenius Center
    • _ALL- College, Seminary
    • _MU - All Staff
    • _MU - All Faculty
    • _ALL - Seminary
    • _SEM - All Faculty
    • _SEM - All Staff
    • _MU - Faculty, Full-time
    • _MU - Faculty, Adjunct
    • _ALL - College and Comenius Center
    • _MU - Admin Staff
    • _MU - Support Staff


This policy will be reviewed annually on July 1.


Created:  2017-09-08