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Background Checks  

Applicable to all employees:

Employment at Moravian University, including temporary employment, is contingent upon clear background checks. To initiate the process, all new employees will receive an Employment Inquiry Release and an Affidavit of Compliance as part of their onboarding paperwork through the recruiting portal.

The following clearances will be required as listed:

  • Social Security verification - All employees undergo a verification of identity
  • Education verification - Faculty, including adjuncts and guest lecturers, and all staff where a minimum education is a requirement on the job description
  • State criminal clearance - Any employee, including adjuncts and guest lecturers, not already captured under PA Act 153
  • Credit check - Cabinet level positions and/ or positions with significant financial responsibility, view the Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Driving check - Any employee operating a motor vehicle for the University (includes those driving students to off-campus events)
  • Psychological and physical exam - Campus Police Officers
  • Act 153 clearances - See below (includes state criminal, child abuse, and FBI criminal)

Moravian requires Act 153 Clearances for:

  • President & Cabinet
  • Undergraduate, full-time faculty
  • Undergraduate, adjunct faculty
  • Art & Music faculty/ staff (including those involved with camps and community lessons)
  • Coaches (including athletic staff involved with camps)
  • Admission personnel (who recruit undergraduates)
  • Financial Aid personnel (who attend college fairs)
  • Campus Police personnel
  • Counseling Center personnel
  • Personnel required to reside in campus housing
  • Personnel directly involved with investigation/policy enforcement
  • Any other faculty/staff involved directly with youth (recreational, educational, or service programs and/or camps)

PA Act 153 Overview

In accordance with Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (CPSL), Act 153 of 2014 and its amendments under Act 15 of 2015, Moravian University performs certain clearances for University employees that have direct contact with youth through its program, activity, and services. As such, employees who meet this designation, in general as listed above, undergo a series of three required clearances both at the time of hire and again every five years. This process also applies to volunteers who interact routinely with youth on campus.  

The three required clearances include:  

  • Report of Criminal History from Pennsylvania State Police;
  • Child Abuse History clearance from the Department of Human Services; and
  • Federal finger-print based Criminal History through the FBI.

It should also be noted that all employees of Moravian University as designated as mandated reporters of child abuse, even outside of work, if there is an identifiable child under the institutional Protection of Minors Policy.

Moravian University works with CBY Systems, Inc. to process background checks. The cost of the clearances will be covered by the University unless the individual is a volunteer or external intern.

Employee Act 153 Clearance Process

Volunteer & External Intern Act 153 Process