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Background Checks  

Applicable to all employees:

Employment at Moravian University is contingent only upon a clear Social Security clearance and any applicable clearance(s) listed below.  Also applicable to temporary employment opportunities.

In addition to the Social Security clearance, the following clearances will be required for the employees listed:

  • Education clearances - Faculty, including adjuncts and guest lecturers, and all staff where a minimum education is a requirement on the job description
  • State criminal clearance - Any employee, including adjuncts and guest lecturers, not listed under the ACT 153 section
  • Credit check - Director level & above positions and/ or any position that deals directly with money or budgets | A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Driving check - Any employee whose position requires driving a motor vehicle for the University, includes those driving students to off-campus events
  • Psychological and physical exam - Campus Police Officers
  • ACT 153 clearances - See applicable positions below

Positions that require ACT 153 Clearances:

  • Music faculty and staff (including those involved with camps and community lessons)
  • Full-time faculty
  • Coaches and all staff involved with camps
  • Admission recruiting staff
  • Financial Aid staff who attend college fairs
  • Student Success staff
  • Student affairs staff in the following departments: Campus Police & Counseling Center

ACT 153 Clearance Process

ACT 153 Overview