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ACT 153 Clearance Process

You must finish all six (6) steps in order for the Act 153 required clearances to be complete.

Affidavit of Compliance

NOTE: Employees must first wait to be contacted by CBY Systems, Inc. Follow up emails will be sent from CBY if the employee fails to complete any step of The Process.

The Process

  1. 1st Contact: CBY Systems, INC emails the employee to complete a questionnaire and authorize CBY to conduct the background checks. The link in the initial Email is only valid for fourteen (14) days.  Completion of the questionnaire starts the process for the PA Criminal Check. Note: Please check the email that you supplied to us on the application for employment at Moravian University. (Contact Moravian University Human Resources at (610) 861-1527 if you do not remember which email you used.)
  2. 2nd Contact: After 2-5 business days, CBY sends a second email to the employee with a prepaid registration number for the PA Child Abuse Clearance and instructions on how to the complete the Child Abuse check. This email will also include instructions for completing the FBI Fingerprinting. The email will include an attached document that MUST be printed and presented when getting fingerprinted at a COGENT site. NOTE: Please choose the longest option that starts with "Individual 14 years of age or older who is...".
  3.  Child Abuse check: Please follow the instructions given to you in STEP 2.
    Completed PA Child Abuse and Criminal Clearances: Upon completion, CBY Systems will provide our office with copies of the completed PA Child Abuse and PA Criminal Clearances. Moravian University suggests that you print these for your records. 
  4.  Fingerprint: Please follow the instructions given to you in STEP 2. NOTE: FBI Fingerprinting should be completed through the Pennsylvania Department of Human ServicesNOT Dept. of Education.
  5.  The FBI Clearance is sent directly to the employee - NOT the University. Upon receipt, employees are instructed to submit the original FBI clearance to the Office of Human Resources. Copies are not acceptable as they are marked as void when photocopied. 

    FBI Clearance duplicates - The employee must contact the Dept. of Human Services at 877-371-5422 to request a duplicate original of the completed FBI fingerprinting clearance.