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Moravian College
Human Resources

REQUIRED employee training

Rationale & Requirements
As an institution, Moravian College is deeply committed to fostering mutual respect and human understanding, and to preserving a community where all members can learn, thrive, and work together effectively. We accept the uniqueness of all individuals and cultivate an environment that respects, affirms, and defends the dignity of each community member. We are committed to providing a workplace and campus community free from discrimination, harassment, violence, intimidation, exploitation, and retaliation, and believe that, as employees, we each share in this obligation.

To ensure compliance with federal and state civil rights laws and regulations, and to affirm our commitment to fairness and equity in all aspects of the educational program or activity, Moravian College has developed a series of interactive, online learning modules to provide employees with awareness around these issues, knowledge of our campus policies and resources, and strategies to intervene and address concerns should they arise. 

Course completion is required for all new hires within 45 days of employment and for all current employees (including adjunct faculty) annually. We thank you in advance for your compliance and commitment to ensuring a harassment-free work environment for all members of our community. 

Relevant institutional policies can be found at:

Course Access & Support
Upon the establishment of a College network login/email address (new hires) or when training is due (current employees), employees can expect to receive an email invitation to their Moravian College inbox. The subject will read “Online Employee Training” and the send will be “Get Inclusive” ( Please note that this message is customized to you and will not work for others to join.

To get started and access the online learning modules, simply click on the green “Start Now” button in the body of the email and follow the instructions for registration. You will be taken to a dashboard listing each required course. The learning current modules include: Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, Child Abuse Prevention, and Meridians (Title IX for Employees).

Your progress in each course, as well as your completion, will be automatically tracked and Human Resources will be notified accordingly. You may still wish to print and retain a completion certification for your records or in case of technical error. 

Any concerns with the functionality of employee courses (technical issues) should be addressed to:

Any concerns regarding the content of employee courses should be addressed to:

Other Required Training
In addition to the requirements above for all employees, some employees may be required to engage in additional training based on their department, role, and/or responsibilities. All employees should direct specific questions about these requirements to their supervisor. 

Employees designated as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) under the Clery Act, are required to receive annual notice of this designation and training to fulfill their responsibilities. More information about Clery CSAs can be found at:

By 8/24/20, all current employees were required to complete the Faculty Staff COVID Education Module in Canvas. After 8/24/20, any new College employees will be required to complete the module and will receive access information upon onboarding. Relevant updates will be sent to employees periodically and the most current information can always be found on the College’s COVID-19 Information page.