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Friends of Reeves Library: Membership Information

By making a gift to the Friends of Reeves Library you will become a member of this valuable campus organization. You may make you your gift online. Please indicate in the online form (or on your check) that your gift should be directed to the Friends of Reeves Library. Thank you!

The year 2002 marked the 35th anniversary of the dedication of Reeves Library and the 10th anniversary of its “bookend” wings. It also marked the founding of the Friends of Reeves Library, an association dedicated to the library and its growing collection of books, periodicals, manuscripts, archival materials, electronic services, and other important scholarly resources for Moravian University and Moravian Theological Seminary. The Friends have three main functions: to provide funds for enhancing the collections and services of the library, to support special projects and programs which will make the Library’s resources better known both on and off campus, and to sponsor lectures, receptions, and openings throughout the year for members and others. The Friends of Reeves Library welcome as members all those who share an interest in supporting the library. The Friends’ Executive Committee includes the library director and representatives from students, faculty, staff, and graduates of the University and Seminary. The Executive Committee invites you to become a member if you:

  • Love books
  • Recognize the important role that Reeves Library plays in education
  • Want to support the enhancement of the resources and services provided by Reeves Library

In addition to the personal satisfaction of supporting Reeves Library, members will receive periodic newsletters, an annual report, invitations to the Friends’ annual meeting, and special invitations to receptions and programs during the year. Most important, your support will enhance a significant and growing collection.