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State Authorization & Licensure

Professional Licensure

At Moravian College, programs in certain licensed professions are designed to fulfill the educational prerequisites for licensure in Pennsylvania. This means that, when a student graduates from a Moravian College professional program, that student has the minimum educational qualifications to apply for Pennsylvania licensure in his/her field, or, where relevant, to sit for the national credentialing  exam. Please note that Moravian College does not grant licensure for professions; licensure can only be granted by appropriate professional bodies.


Hounds Across the Nation

State Authorization allows Moravian College to offer educational opportunities to students nationwide. We have a team dedicated to researching regulations and seeking and maintaining approvals so you can participate in Moravian College programs wherever you are. Check out our State Authorization FAQs to learn more, or click on “Authorization” to see if a program is available in your state.

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