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State Authorization FAQs

State Authorization

What is state authorization?

State authorization allows Moravian College to offer education to students located outside Pennsylvania. Each state has unique authorization requirements, so Moravian must review each state’s laws and rules to ensure that the university is in compliance.
Effective July 2018, a U.S. Department of Education rule also will require institutions to be authorized in each state where students are enrolled in order to participate in federal student financial aid programs. 

Why does it matter?

In order to offer education opportunities to students outside Pennsylvania, Moravian must comply with state and federal laws. Starting next year, federal law will require an institution to be authorized in order for the institution to participate in federal financial aid programs. 
Requiring authorization of distance education programs also ensures that students are protected as consumers. Authorization laws help ensure that a student is not investing in a program that is not legitimate, or a program that does not lead to the license or credential that the student was expecting.

What is the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)?

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement, also known as SARA, establishes uniform standards for distance education for all participating states and institutions. Moravian joined SARA in 2016, which means Moravian can offer distance education in all 48 states and districts that participate in SARA.

Does SARA cover professional licensing board authorizations in other states?

SARA does not cover professional licensing board approvals. If you are planning to seek a professional license or certificate in a state other than Pennsylvania, it is highly recommended that you contact the appropriate state licensing agency to seek guidance before beginning a licensure program.

Earning My Degree Online

Will my degree be considered an "online" degree?

When you earn your Moravian degree online, you receive the same Moravian diploma as on-campus students. There will be no online distinction on your diploma.

How long will it take me to finish my program?

Each Moravian Online Program is unique and have their own timelines for completion. This also varies based on how many credits you choose to take each semester.
For more information or to estimate how long it will take to complete your degree, visit your program's website.

Will I be able to attend graduation?

As long as your approved by your college, all students enrolled in an online program at Moravian are welcome to attend their graduation ceremony on campus in Bethlehem.
In order to be eligible, you must apply for graduation. This application and approval process takes place through your college.
For more details on graduation click here and to apply for graduation, you can find the form on AMOS.
You will receive your Moravian degree by mail, or at the ceremony if you decide to attend.
After graduation you will become an alumnus of Moravian College and are strongly encouraged to join the Moravian Alumni Association (link is external), a network with millions of other Hound graduates.

Is my entire program offered online?

The definition of an online program is that 50% of the courses are delivered in an online format. Moravian is working with the goal of offering full, 100% online programs. At this time, certain programs may have on campus requirements. For more information, contact your program advisor.

Common Online Degree Questions

Will I have an advisor?

How do I buy books/materials?

The official Moravian Bookstore is Barnes & Noble (link is external) located on Main Street, Bethlehem. They accept online orders and will ship products to your indicated address.

I am a veteran who served in the military, what kind of assistance can I get for my Online Program?

The Office of Military and Veterans Services ensures the academic success of Moravian's military and veteran students. 
Learn more or contact an advisor by visiting the Veteran and Military Students website (link is external).

Learning Online

How do I interact with my Classmates and Professors?

You will interact with your classmates and instructors in a variety of ways. You will participate in class discussions on Canvas, interact via open forums, email and through video software.
Some instructors will have their own method for further interaction, which will be contained in your syllabus.

What does an Online Classroom look like?

Online courses at Moravian are different from face-to-face courses. Our faculty members design their online courses to take advantage of the possibilities of the Internet—ways of communicating across distances, connecting to outside people and ideas, working through problems and presenting information.
Online courses have many of the elements of face-to-face courses, but the structure, format and timing is different. Instead of distinct class sessions, then homework and preparation, your online courses will usually be divided into week-long modules where you will have:
  • a major topic or task
  • supporting materials (videos, reading, or other media)
  • ongoing discussion and collaboration with your professor and classmates
  • an opportunity to practice and receive feedback

How does my online program work?

When you enroll in an Online Program at Moravian, you are choosing to take required courses and electives in an online format. You’ll progress through your course work just like you would in a traditional classroom with assignments, assessments and participation requirements. You’ll interact with your instructor and fellow students via online discussions and submit your assignments online. In certain cases, there may be an on campus requirement, depending on the program. For more information, check your program page or contact your program advisor. 

How flexible is taking class online/ what is my expected time commitment?

Online Programs at Moravian are here to work on your schedule. You are welcome to schedule as many credit hours per semester as you feel that you can handle. The amount of credits you schedule will help determine how long it will take to complete your program. 
Your expected time commitment will vary based on your course load. A good rule of thumb is that if you are in a lecture for 2 hours a week, expect to double that amount of time outside of class, i.e. 4 hours of study time.

Do I have a specific class time or a specific time that I need to be online?

You are not required to be online at certain times for class, if you have a proctored test or need to be online at a specific time, please check your syllabus or contact your instructor for this information.

Applications & Admissions

When do I apply?

You should apply whenever you feel ready to begin your Online Program, deadlines vary between each program but they will be tailored to start at the beginning of autumn, spring and summer terms. For more information regarding deadlines, contact your program advisor.

Will my earned course credits transfer to an Online Program at Moravian College?

If you have previous college credit, you may transfer your credits when starting your Online Program with Moravian. For more information or to see the transfer credit requirements, see the Moravian Transfer Credit Policy (link is external).

I've received my letter of acceptance, how do I enroll in classes?

After you've been accepted into an Moravian Online program, you will receive your Moravian College ID information, your Email and access to AMOS.
You will also receive an email from your program coordinator confirming your admittance with suggested courses for your program track. In AMOS (link is external), which is your student portal, you will be able to search and enroll in courses, pay tuition and see important deadlines. Once signed in, click "College Students," then "Online Registration/Schedule" to search and enroll in courses.

Other than my application, what do I need to send Moravian College?

When applying to Moravian College, you will file your application and pay your application fee. Moravian may require you to send further documentation or information. See Moravian's undergraduate (link is external) and graduate (link is external) admission requirements for more information.

Financial Aid & Tuition

How much is tuition? Is it different if I'm out of state?

See Tuition and Fees for detailed tuition information on your online program.

I'm a veteran, how do I use my GI Bill or receive financial aid?

The Office of Veteran and Military Students supports all of Moravian's current and former military students, including those in Online Programs. (There are many restrictions and requirements in order to use your GI Bill or receive federal financial aid). Any student planning to utilize VA education benefits (e.g. GI Bill, tuition assistance, etc) must work with an advisor within the Office of Veteran and Military Students to register and enroll in Moravian College.
Contact an advisor within the Office of Veteran and Military Students (link is external) to learn more.

Can I apply for any scholarships?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for scholarships in any state that Moravian is authorized for your program. Your program or college may also offer scholarships in which you will be eligible for.  For more information, contact your program advisor.
There are also a number of private funded scholarships (link is external) that are available for students. To receive any funding, you must meet all eligibility requirements and be selected as a recipient for that scholarship. There may be certain expectations you must meet to maintain your scholarship.

Am I eligible for any financial aid?

All Online Programs students at Moravian are eligible to apply for financial aid. However, there are many factors in determining eligibility for financial aid. For more information regarding financial aid eligibility, requirements or to file the current year's FAFSA, see Student Financial Aid (link is external) at Moravian.

Student Activities & Benefits

Can I get a Moravian ID if I want one?

If you're proximate to campus, please do! Stop at the Campus Police (link is external) to have your photo taken and receive your Moravian ID.

Can I participate in student activities?

As part of an Online Program at Moravian, you do not pay the Student Activity Fee and therefore your participation in on-campus student activities will be limited.

Am I eligible for Moravian College athletic tickets?

Show your Moravian ID to get in any athletic event for free. 

Technical Requirements & Support

What basic technology requirements do I need to take an Online Program at Moravian College?

For the best experience in Moravian's Online Programs, you will need these basic tech requirements. See Information Technology for a full list of Online Programs support and requirements.
Note: Some programs have their own specific tech requirements, for more information, check that program's individual website or contact your program advisor.

How do I get accessibility support from Moravian College?

To receive access to all accessibility resources, you must register with the Academic & Accessibility Support Center (link is external). Equivalent to students on campus, the Academic & Accessibility Support Center is happy to work with students from Online Programs at Moravian as long as they are documented within the office.