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Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid awarded for the freshman year is normally renewable from year to year provided that the evidence of need remains (in the case of need-based awards), that funds continue to be available, and that the student maintains satisfactory academic standards and progress toward the degree. Students must apply for aid every year and are responsible for seeing that the forms available in December are completed in time for Financial Aid Services to receive a report by April 15.

To continue receiving federal, state, and institutional financial aid, students must initially achieve a minimum QPA of 1.50 after 6 scheduled course units; 1.80 after twelve scheduled course units; and 2.00 after sixteen units. Full-time students must complete a minimum of six course units each academic year and must complete all degree requirements within a maximum of ten regular terms. An evaluation of each student’s eligibility is made annually, and eligibility may be withdrawn if a student is not maintaining the prescribed standards. Students who are denied financial aid for lack of academic progress may appeal in writing to the director of financial aid. Further details of the policy are available from the director of financial aid and are distributed with the initial financial aid award each year via the Financial Aid Handbook.

In determining eligibility for federal student and parent loans, Financial Aid Services must apply the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy as well as the College’s criteria for class membership which are based on the number of course units completed (see section on Class Standing).

Further information on Moravian’s financial aid program and information on student employment is available from Financial Aid Services, Moravian College, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018, 610 861-1330.