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Moravian University
Campus Police

Campus Police

Mission Statement

We believe that safety is a shared responsibility. We understand the importance of cooperation, education, and police-citizen partnerships in making our campus and our local community safe and enjoyable. Our commitment to community policing allows us to be the fabric of Moravian University and assists us in cultivating true stakeholdership within the community we serve.

The mission of the Moravian University Police Department is to promote a safe and well-ordered environment for students, faculty, staff and other members of the community by extending care and assistance, by overseeing the physical surroundings and, when necessary, by enforcing laws and regulations, all carried out in a compassionate manner hallmarked by the values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence (RISE)

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency Number:
610-861-1465 (24 Hours)
Campus Police:
610-861-1421 (24 Hours)
Tip & Bias Incident Line:
Escort Service:
610-861-1421 (24 Hours)
Student Life:
Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Violence:
484-764-9242 (24 Hours)
Title IX Coordinator:


Thanks to several initiatives, Moravian University's crime rate has decreased dramatically and students, staff, faculty, and residents of the university community have become more educated about problems of crime. The members of the Campus Police Department want you to remember to PREVENT:

Prevention is the most effective means of eliminating crime. Secure your valuables, keep residence hall doors locked, be aware of your environment.

Record the description of suspicious persons. Do not attempt to question or restrain them yourself.

Escape is the primary objective if you become involved in a dangerous situation. Do not attempt a physical confrontation if escape is possible.

Value your safety and the safety of others.

Employ common sense and awareness in your day to day activities. Remember many victims of crime said, "It can't happen to me.

Notify the campus police at once if you are the victim of a crime or if you witness one.

Telephone extensions for the Campus Police: 610-861-1421.