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Emergencies and Emergency Preparedness

Moravian University is committed to emergency preparedness. We feel strongly that it is important to have written plans to guide our response in crisis situations, to test these plans on occasion, and to be prepared to notify members of our University community in the event of an emergency. While there can never be a guarantee of safety, we believe that such preparedness places the University in a better position from which to deal with the unexpected threats of today’s world.

In case of emergency, staff and faculty are asked to take appropriate, immediate action and then make direct contact with the Chief of Campus Police by calling 610-861-1421 from campus phone or from a cell phone. Do not leave a message. If you are for some reason unable to reach campus police, then please contact an appropriate vice president at the University.

Emergencies are reported through Moravian Alert, on the campus network, and on AMOS.  Fortunately, the University is not experiencing a crisis at this time. However, if there is a crisis, important information will be posted here, such as announcements, news releases, and instructions to students, parents, employees and the media. Click here to learn more about emergency notifications.

Moravian University has an Emergency Response Plan, designed to provide contingency procedures for Moravian University administrators to follow in the event of campus emergencies. While the Plan does not cover every conceivable situation, it does supply the basic administrative guidelines necessary to cope with most campus emergencies.

Only members of the Emergency Response Team have copies of the full emergency response manual.  Since it is impractical to establish policies and procedures to cover every aspect and variety of emergency situation, the directions are advisory only. The individuals directly involved at the outset of the emergency must exercise their judgment and discernment to the best interests of all concerned. The procedures as outlined are intended to minimize potential risks to students, University employees, the public, and property, while affording prompt reaction to restore campus order, and facility operations. All students, faculty, and employees should apply to general safety practices and precautions at all times to minimize the potential for emergencies and provide continued efficient, economical operations.

Questions about Moravian University’s Emergency Response Plan? 

Please contact Lt. Thomas Appleman
119 W. Greenwich St. Bethlehem, PA 18018

Crisis Communications

If you have questions about crisis communications, please contact Michael Corr, Assistant VP of Marketing and Communications @