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Moravian University
Campus Police

Campus Police Members

Police Officers

APPLEMAN Thomas Appleman
Lieutenant / Firearms Instructor
Badge #524
Schmittinger Michael Schmittinger
Sergeant, First Aid / CPR Instructor
Badge #510
PERNO Joseph Perno
Police Officer / Fire Marshall
Badge #512
PONAS Clifford Ponas
Police Officer
Badge #519
SITEMAN Thomas Siteman
Police Officer / Firearms Instructor
Badge #520
keen Paul Keen
Badge #525
LAUBACH Steven Laubach
Police Officer
Badge #526
STRUBECK Richard Strubeck
Police Officer
Badge #527
WARNING Christopher Warning
Police Officer / Defensive Tactics Instructor
Badge #528
HOWARD Richard P Howard
Police Officer 
Badge #530

Nicholas Cirranello
Police Officer 
Badge #534



Christine E. Trauger
PT / Police Officer 
Badge #532

FORD Richard A. Ford
PT / Police Officer 
Badge #536

Office Manager and Dispatchers

Callee McCann
Office Manager
ID #17
ALBANESE Daren Albanese
ID #4
Users Image Amy Dodson
PT Dispatcher 
ID #5
PETRESKY Miriam (Mim) Petresky
ID #26

Natalie Breiner
PT Dispatcher 
ID #28


John Holley
PT Dispatcher 
ID #30



Who's responsible for campus safety?

All members of the Moravian community are expected to contribute to the safety of themselves and others. Administratively, the Moravian University Police Department reports to the Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students and consists of Chief of Police, a Lieutenant, two Sergeants, nine full-time Police Officers, one part-time police officer three full-time dispatchers and five part-time dispatchers.

The Moravian University Police Department derives its authority from Pennsylvania P.L. 1063, No. 271, Section 501 (22 Pa. C.S.A., Section 501) of November 15, 1972. All police officers are certified under Commonwealth of PA Lethal Weapons Training Act 235 and prior to employment were certified under Act 120 by the Commonwealth of PA. The Campus Police patrols all property owned by Moravian University, and its jurisdiction extends to all adjoining roadways. The Department works closely with the Pennsylvania State Police and the fire and police departments of the City of Bethlehem, with which it is in instant communication.

The Moravian University Police Department is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Information and emergency telephone numbers are posted on every campus telephone. In addition to the police officers, the office is staffed by a Dispatch Office Manager, two full-time dispatchers and five part-time dispatchers who are in immediate radio communication with officers on patrol and the City of Bethlehem Emergency Communication Center.

The Moravian University Police Department and the Bethlehem Police Department have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding agreement as to how offenses on campus and on streets surrounding the University will be investigated. The Bethlehem Police Department can be contacted by dialing 610-865-7187 or in case of an emergency by dialing 911 from a cellphone. The Bethlehem Police Department also assists in providing extra patrols on or around Campus for special events.

Student Resident Advisors are available on each residence-hall floor. Investigations of incidents are coordinated by the Moravian University Police and the Office of Student Life. Disciplinary action is coordinated by the Office of Student Life.