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The integrity of the Moravian University Police Department depends on the personal integrity and discipline of all Department members. To a large degree, the public image of this Department is determined by the professional response of the Department to allegations of misconduct against it or its’ members. The Department must thoroughly and professionally investigate all complaints and allegations of misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance by Department members. In addition, the Department must properly respond to the results of the investigation by providing discipline and/or additional training when complaints are sustained and by "clearing" the involved member(s) when the complaints are determined to be "unfounded." Also, the results of the investigation and the follow-up taken by the Department must be communicated, at least in general terms, to the complainant and to the community at large to ensure their confidence that complaints against the Police Department and its members are first, taken seriously by the Department, second, thoroughly investigated, and, third, followed up with appropriate action by the Department.

A complaint is any allegation or question by an individual regarding a member’s conduct, behavior or actions toward them or any other person. Included will be illegal, immoral or improper behavior whether verbal, in writing or by action toward any individual. It will not include routine inquiries or questions that do not involve a member’s action.

The Moravian University Police Department encourages individuals to bring forward legitimate grievances regarding misconduct by members. Department members shall receive complaints courteously and shall handle them efficiently. All Moravian University Police Department members are obligated to explain to inquiring individuals the complaint procedure.

How To Make A Complaint

Normally, an individual with a complaint will be referred to a police supervisor who shall assist the individual in recording pertinent information on a “Complaint Against Department Member” form. The supervisor will document all complaints on a “Complaint Against Department Member” form and when appropriate, conduct a preliminary investigation. The supervisor will forward the original copy of the form in a sealed envelope to the Chief of Police. A copy of the form will also be given to the complainant.

Click on following link to download form, Complaint Against Department Member

Complaints, serious and less serious, can be filed in person at Moravian University Police Department located on 119 W. Greenwich Ave. Bethlehem PA, 18018, or by U.S. Mail addressed to Chief Richard W. Blake at 119 W. Greenwich Ave. Bethlehem PA, 18018. As part of the follow-up investigation activity, persons making complaints by U.S. Mail, E-mail or phone normally shall be interviewed and if possible, a written signed “Complaint Against Department Member” form will be prepared. Anonymous complaints shall be followed up to the extent possible. Every effort shall be made to facilitate the convenient, courteous and prompt receipt and processing of citizen complaints.

Upon receipt of a supervisor’s report concerning a serious or less serious complaint, the Chief of Police will assign an investigator. An investigator may be the Lieutenant or Supervisor of the Department.

After completion of all investigations, the assigned investigator shall forward to the Chief of Police a full report stating recommendations for disposition of the case, along with supporting evidence for such recommendations.

If the investigation shows that a member has violated the code of conduct, the Chief of Police will determine the appropriate corrective action and will notify the complainant in writing of the final outcome of the investigation.