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A group of six students smiling sitting outside at a table with laptops and books.
Academic & Accessibility Support Center

Greyhound Tutoring Information

The Greyhound Tutoring Program, in partnership with Moravian College faculty, strives to support the learning and growth of every student, help each individual realize his or her full potential, encourage each student’s intellectual curiosity, and enhance each student’s academic knowledge and study skills so that each student may achieve academic excellence in his or her courses, successfully complete college, and engage in an ongoing journey of lifelong learning as a reflective citizen and professional.

Who are Greyhound Tutors?

Greyhound tutors support the learning and success of Moravian College students by facilitating individual appointments, small group tutoring sessions, and drop-in tutoring. Utilizing a creative tutoring pedagogy that is customized for the needs of each individual student, Greyhound tutors help students realize their potential and achieve success in their courses.  In addition, Greyhound tutors encourage students to adopt a positive growth mindset; serve as a trusted guide to academic culture and faculty expectations; help students become independent self-regulated learners equipped with study strategies and tools that align with their needs; facilitate each student’s critical thinking, deep learning, and information literacy; and inspire students to embrace their intellectual curiosity and desire to learn more as lifelong learners.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Monica Jacobe, Director of Academic Support
Reeves Library Room 323