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Internship Spotlight: Megan Davis '15

Internship Spotlight: Megan Davis '15

Intern: Megan Davis '15
Major: Sociology: Law & Society
Internship: District Attorneys Office of Northampton County, PA

Briefly describe your internship and the position’s responsibilities.

During my internship I was both shadowing the District Attorney (DA), as well as the Assistant District Attorneys (ADA’s) that work in Northampton County, and their trials. I was able to witness and interpret court trials, and relate them to the educational experience I was getting at Moravian. I was also doing a research project of the affects of The Ferguson Trial, a largely publicized trial at the time of my internship on the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri.

How did you secure this internship?

I was in the DA’s class the year prior at Moravian, and had kept in touch with him, and after reaching out, he was thrilled and willing to give me whatever experience he could.

What has been the biggest takeaway(s) from your internship experience?

Do everything, no matter how much extra work it may be, or how many more hours than you may be required to participate in, always say yes to gaining experience, and take everything you can out of it.

How has this experience affected your outlook on your post-Moravian career?

It has solidified the wish I had for eventually ending up within a career of corporate law.