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RISE Program Resources

  • On the Academic Plan page, click "Options" in the top right corner
  • Select "Add Elective"
  • Select "Free elective" in the first drop down menu
  • Change the "Hours" to .25 or .5
  • Select the appropriate term
  • Click "Save"
  • Once the course is on the plan, students or advisors must click "Make Selection" and type the course code TWL 110.1 so it is "Ready to Register"
  • It  will say "Requires Advisor Approval" next to the course. To request approval: Options >> Manage My Approval Request >> Request Approval for All. 
  • After the request is sent, it will say "Pending Advisor Approval" next to the course. Students should email their advisors to let them know they have requested approval as J1 does not send any kind of notification. 


1) What does RISE stand for?
Reflection, Integrity, & Skill-building to Elevate.
Elevate who? Our Moravian Students. Elevate them in what? Teamwork and Leadership

2) What is involved for students who want to participate?
Beyond their regular course load (typically, four units) – over three semesters students register for and take TWL 110.1, TWL 115.1 (both quarter-unit courses), and then TWL 120.2 (a half unit course involving a team-based service learning project with a Moravian community partner

3) What are the benefits to students?
First, the program grew out of a clear need to nurture students’ teamwork and leadership skills to make them more ready (& more appealing) for workplaces & their career. Second, since it is beyond their typical load (but still covered by their tuition), students can use the program to catch up if behind a course, or get ahead. Third, the culminating team-based project will be a formative experience and great achievement to document on one’s resume.

4) Do all three course units need to be taken consecutively?
No, they do not. That is the ideal so that they stay with a familiar cohort of classmates, but if they need to delay due to other conflicts, they can circle back the program.

5) Are there extra costs to RISE participants?
As long as taken within the permitted 9 units per academic year, there are no additional tuition costs. Most materials are delivered via our Canvas Learning Mgt. System – created by various Moravian subject matter experts and scholars in the areas of teamwork & leadership. Each quarter unit course has a small material cost (approximately $20 cost for a book/assessment access code and access code to a Harvard simulation experience respectively), but no extra cost for the half unit.

6) How might it affect the RISE student’s GPA?
Because it is Pass/No Credit, each successful course completion adds to student’s earned unit totals, but no effect on GPA. Thus, the course emphasizes intrinsic motivation – students will get out of it, what they put into it.

7) How much time might the quarter-unit class take?
Students’ ability to handle workload varies greatly, but the content learning modules typically engage the students approximately two hours a week, and there is also a 70 minute session once a week in which students meet with a faculty member for discussion and experiential learning exercises.