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RISE Teamwork & Leadership Program

Reflection, Integrity, and Skill-Building to Elevate students in their teamwork and leadership abilities

Elevate your teamwork and leadership skills in the RISE program at Moravian University. This four-phase undergraduate experience is designed to impact and empower you to more fully realize your potential to transform your community and the world. 

If you’re interested in participating in RISE or want to learn more, reach out to the RISE program director, Dr. Robert Brill, at

Phase One: Get Involved 

Begin by exploring and getting involved at Moravian University. You’re encouraged to join student organizations, volunteer in the local community, or participate in other extracurriculars such as athletics or an on-campus job. Meeting with your academic advisor and career development strategist can lead you to new opportunities that you never even knew existed at Moravian! Plus, they’ll provide guidance on what activities might suit you and your career goals. 

Phase Two: Explore and Discover What You Have to Offer

Register for TWL 110.1: Explore and Discover What You Have to Offer, a quarter-unit course focusing on personal values and the virtues of integrity, service to others, and more! Self-assessments and reflection exercises will guide you as you engage with teamwork and leadership models and concepts introduced by faculty from a variety of disciplines. Weekly self-paced modules are supplemented with a weekly in-person discussion to deepen the insights. 

Course Highlights

Climbing Everest

Scaling Everest

Participate in a three-week online team simulation in which students are assigned roles and have to work as a team to climb Mt. Everest.

Treasure map

Leadership Team Challenge

Collaborate with your team to plan, coordinate, and complete a scavenger hunt, brain teasers, and an escape room!

Phase Three: Ascending Pathways Toward Your Potential

Register for your next quarter-unit course, TWL 115.1: Ascending Pathways Toward Your Potential. While you hold a formal leadership position, this course pays special attention to optimizing your opportunities for growth through the failures and setbacks you experience in your team and leadership roles.

Course Highlights

Students downtown

Bethlehem Scavenger Hunt

Work in teams competing to complete a scavenger hunt throughout the Bethlehem historic area and university campus community.

Heritage Day

Community Partner Service Project Preparation

Prepare for the community partner service project in the final course.

Phase Four: Peak Experiences: Community Impact and Personal Compass

Your final course in this series, TWL 120.2: Peak Experiences: Community Impact and Personal Compass, will guide you in crafting your “personal compass,” outlining your future goals and plans to create good within your community. As you do so, you’ll work as part of a team to collaborate with one of Moravian’s community partners to foster positive change in Bethlehem.

Course Highlights

Community Partner

Community Partner Collaboration

Work in teams to collaborate with a community partner organization to generate a positive impact in the Lehigh Valley.


Personal Compass

Articulate your vision for your team and leadership roles and goals during the rest of your time at Moravian and beyond.

Prosser Auditorium

Teamwork and Leadership Summit

Attend a final summit at the end of Phase Four to present your service project and personal compass vision to your peers and the Moravian community.