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Networking in NYC

Moravian Students go to NYC for the Alumni Networking Event 

By Sara Weidner ‘18

For many college students, living and working in NYC would be a dream come true. Fortunately, some alumni from Moravian College have already paved the way for aspiring students to form connections that enable them to follow their dreams. Moravian College hosted its annual NYC Alumni Networking Event on Tuesday, September 15 at the New York City Athletic Club. Coordinated by Pat Hanna, assistant director of career development and alumni engagement, 43 undergraduates accompanied by Moravian College staff members spent the day connecting and speaking with Moravian alumni who live and work in NYC.

Students started their trip with a visit to the offices of Major League Baseball in Manhattan, where John Quinones ‘92, spoke about MLB's competitive internship program as well as job opportunities, when to apply, etc. Students then took a tour of the office. Next they went to the Madison Square Garden Corporate Office where James Cudney ‘99, A representative from Human Resources, who spoke about job and internship opportunities. A final reception was held at The New York Athletic Club, hosted by Joe Hoffmeier '88 where students got to talk about their experiences and wrap up the day’s events. “Students greatly benefit from connecting with the alums,” said Hanna, “They are there for the students because they’ve been in their shoes.” Of course, while some people will have questions as to exactly how one might land a job in one of the most competitive working worlds, despite the misconceptions, students found it is not as hard as one might think.

Alumni Kelly Moore, is a Senior Analyst in Demand Planning for Tiffany & Company, having started there in 2008. Her experience was a positive and successful one in regards to obtaining a job in NYC. “Networking and building relationships internally is critical,” she said. “With any large corporation, building connections and maintaining strong interdepartmental relationships is essential to becoming a well-rounded employee and in potentially furthering your career.” In her experience, New York City is a fast-paced, eventful city that is “limitless in opportunity.” Her advice to aspiring students? “Network with fellow Moravian College graduates, effectively budget, and be willing to put the work in. In return, experience all the city has to offer.”

One of Moravian’s current students who attended the trip, Cristina Cardinale, an accounting major with a marketing minor, felt the trip exceeded her expectations and cemented her desire to live and work in New York City. “The trip was very reassuring in that aspect,” said Cardinale. At first, she was hesitant to speak with such accomplished alumni; “For some reason I thought they would not be friendly or understanding of the fact that this is nerve-wracking for students.” However, her mind was quickly changed once she got the chance to speak with a few alumnus. “I was very wrong about this. There are so many great people to talk to during these events, and I think it is fundamental for all students to put themselves out there and make some awesome connections! You never know who will be able to help you out. “

Even though there are expenses to living in the city, the benefits do, at least, alleviate the risks. With the right networking and communications, students will learn how to work in perhaps one of the most exciting cities with the greatest opportunities. Pat Hanna reinforces one of Moravian’s truest beliefs by advising students to “pursue their passion.” It is possible to live and work in New York City when you’re determined, goal oriented, and utilize the alumni network.