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Medallion of Merit 2010

Jan R. Gollins '72

Jan R. Gollins '72The Medallion of Merit is awarded to an alumna or alumnus in recognition of his or her outstanding service to Moravian College or the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is proud to present its 2010 Medallion of Merit Award to Jan Gollins ’72, in deep appreciation of his outstanding dedication and commitment to Moravian.

An enthusiastic supporter of the College since his days as a student, Jan's zest for Moravian continues today from Chicago where he's the Principal and Founder of Delta Modelling Group, a predictive analytics and marketing research firm for the consumer market.

A natural leader while studying for his BA in Economics, Jan actively participated in numerous campus social, fraternal, political, and sporting activities as an undergraduate. As President of the campus United Student Government, he succeeded in convincing administration officials, for the first time, to elect two students, with full voting privileges, to the College Board of Trustees. Jan and Patricia McCarthy Habersberger '71 were elected in 1971.

Following graduation from Moravian, Jan entered Lehigh University and was awarded his MBA in Economics. His successful business career has included both management and vice president positions at such firms as Hershey Foods, R.J. Reynolds, Information Resources Inc, A.C. Nielsen, Discover Why Inc, and Clarkston Consulting.

After 9 years on the board of the Moravian College Alumni Association, where he served as President and a member or chairman of the recognition, development, student affairs, and reunion committees, Jan was elected to the College's Board of Trustees in 2002. During his years of college volunteering, Jan has also assisted in recolonizing his campus fraternity, Omicron Gamma Omega (OGO), is a regular at many alumni social and sporting events, and also distributes candles at Christmas Vesper Services.

Jan was the Class of '72 representative at the Inauguration of President Thomforde and represented Moravian College at the Inauguration of Dr. Philip Ripken of Wheaton College. A long standing member of The Comenius Society, Jan is known for his willingness to advocate for financial support from fellow alumni.

Now residing with his wife, Dana, in Mount Prospect, IL, Jan's most recent connection to Moravian has been through his daughter Amy, who in '09 completed her degree in Music.