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Medallion of Merit 2005

Connie Stirling Hodson '68Connie Stirling Hodson '68

When Connie Hodson “puts her thinking cap on” you know that Moravian and its Alumni Association will benefit. Since becoming involved with the Alumni Board in 1994, her thoughtful, creative touch has added a new dimension to both the Alumni Association and her Alma Mater. Connie has experience on numerous prestigious boards, including the Art Institute of Chicago’s Sustainers, the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital Committee, and Northwestern University Women’s Board. Her rich volunteer experience has helped her contribute both a broad perspective and exceptional organizational skills to Moravian. As Alumni Association president, she traveled from her Chicago area home to Bethlehem approximately 5 times a year to attend meetings and speak at events, including President Rokke’s inauguration. Under her leadership the Alumni Association completed a strategic plan that expanded its outreach to a more national level and garnered new respect at the institutional level. During this time she also proved to be an effective advocate and spokesperson for financial support for her Alma Mater. In her quest to understand Moravian’s culture, she has attended classes, met with students, and has built lasting relationships with members of the college community. At the same time, she has brought Moravian to Chicago, organizing numerous Chicago area alumni events and reaching out to area alumni. Connie has provided essential strategic and financial leadership, first as the chair of the Commission on the Future’s Student Life Task Force, and currently as a trustee. In recognition of her vision, financial support, and her dedicated service to Moravian, the Alumni Association is proud to recognize Connie Stirling Hodson with the Medallion of Merit on Saturday, May 21, 2005.