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Medallion of Merit 2006

Claire KlatchakClaire Klatchak '87, '95 MBA

We measure the value of the contributions our alumni make by their stewardship, as well as their important financial gifts. Ultimately, the College’s vision is realized and its legacy ensured through the steward who shares financial resources, embodies Moravian’s spirit and loves the institution. Claire is that steward. Claire is Moravian! Claire deserves this recognition. She brought integrity and pride to the College, as a continuing studies undergraduate and MBA student. As an alumna, she always volunteers freely, gives generously, and works tirelessly on behalf of the College. She is an inspiration and role-model for our community, energizing our commitment to serving the College’s mission and goals. The specifics of Claire’s contributions cannot be adequately portrayed because this space is limited and her impact is so far-reaching. Whether a project member or a leader, whether on the MBA Advisory Board or the Alumni Association Board, whether an idea-generator or task implementer – Claire’s contributions are invaluable to Moravian. She recruits quality students, raises substantial funding, accesses needed resources, enhances academic programs, and promotes institutional values. Sometimes she does this in the morning (Senior Breakfast Table Host), sometimes at night (MBA Advisory Board member); some contributions include dancing (Mardi Gras) and some include eating (Comenius Center dinners). No matter what – all of her involvement and contributions mean Clair freely shares her talent and time and the College benefits in wonderful ways. So what are some of the wonderful ways Moravian benefits? Leadership! Claire has served as the Treasurer, Secretary and Marketing Committee Chair of the Alumni Association; and, Treasurer of ASL (Alpha Sigma Lambda Honorary Society for The Comenius Center). She was a charter and founding member of The Moravian MBA Advisory Board and an active participant of the College’s Commission on the Future. All of us at the College - faculty, staff, and alumni – are enriched by Claire’s presence and blessed by Claire’s gifts. This most prestigious distinction acknowledges our heartfelt appreciation and symbolizes our enduring love and respect for one of Moravian’s brightest stars, Claire Klatchak.