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2012 Medallion of Merit

Betsey Tait Puth ’51

Betsey Tait Puth ’51The Medallion of Merit is awarded to an alumna or alumnus in recognition of outstanding service to Moravian College or the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is proud to present its 2012 Medallion of Merit to Betsey Tait Puth ’51, in deep appreciation of her years of dedication and commitment to Moravian. 

Betsey Tait Puth has shown unfading commitment to Moravian College over the many years since she graduated. Betsey lives in Chicago, but despite her physical distance from Moravian, she still holds Moravian very close in her heart. She generously pours her time, energy, and resources into Moravian College in order to make it a better place for current and future generations.

Since 1991 Betsey has served as a member of the Board of Trustees, and recently committed to being a “Life” trustee, though she has retired from active service. Betsey has served on both the Academic Program and Development Committees of the Board, where she worked to review and oversee innovative curricular developments and historic increases in contributions to Moravian. Betsey was also a member of the Global Engagement Task Force of the Commission on the Future. All of these positions required Betsey to make several trips to Moravian each year.

Betsey has been an active member of her class of 1951, attending numerous Class of 1951 reunions, and representing her class for the 250th celebration of Moravian College. She has also sponsored several alumni receptions in the Chicago area.

Betsey is especially committed to the arts at Moravian College. She enjoys spending time with students and faculty in the music and art departments when she comes for Board meetings, and offers insightful advice and encouragement. Betsey helped to create an atmosphere of even greater beauty on South Campus when she led the campaign to restore the stained glass windows in Peter Hall, the former chapel for the Moravian College for Women and the current home of several music facilities. These gorgeous windows are a constant reminder of Betsey’s graciousness and generosity, and of the excellence that every Moravian student can strive to attain.