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Submit a Nomination for the Alumni Awards

Each year, the Moravian Alumni Association proudly recognizes alumni who have made exceptional contributions to the institution, their communities, and/or their respective professions. We invite you to continue the tradition of recognizing deserving alumni by nominating an individual for an award. Please read each award description carefully prior to submitting your nomination.

Once your nomination has been received, the Office of Alumni Engagement will contact the nominee, inform them of their nomination (keeping your identity confidential), and ask them to provide supporting information on themselves. From there, all nominations are reviewed by the Alumni Association's Alumni Recognition Committee and recipients are selected. Nominations are kept on file for five years following their submission. 

Current Directors of the Alumni Association are not eligible for any of the Alumni Awards.

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis. The deadline for the 2025 awards is August 31, 2024. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Maenza at or 610-861-1342. 

Nominee Information
Please provide a brief statement as to why this person is deserving of the specific award you are nominating them for.
Please provide any details you know about their education - degrees, certificates, etc. earned.
Please provide any details you know about their career history.
Please provide any details you know about their professional affiliations, honors or awards they may have received.
Please provide any details you know about their current and past philanthropy and/or volunteerism.
Please note anything else you feel would make them a qualified candidate for this award.
Your Information