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Return & Learn

Moravian University Alumni Return and Learn

Return & Learn

Return & Learns are short, educational sessions on various topics. These opportunities are held virtually and in-person.

Visit our Alumni Events webpage for details on upcoming Return & Learns sessions.

Dr. Freda Ginsberg MBA - Cultural Identities: What Makes Us All Unique?

May 24, 2023


Cory Dieterly - Our Campus Heritage

March 29, 2023 


Dr. Laquita Blockson - Business School Education in the Liberal Arts

March 15, 2023


Tom Turcich ’11 - The World Walk Experience

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Tom Turcich ’11 shares his experience accomplishing The World Walk and how to pursue a dream in the face of relentless adversity.


Lisa Busfield, Ed.M. - Exploring our Dance Histories

January 12, 2023


Alvert Hernandez - Supporting First Generation Students

November 8, 2022


Lauren Sculley G’21

September 14, 2022

Lauren Sculley G’21 presented her research on Social and Emotional Learning and her experience teaching in the classroom throughout COVID. 


Dr. Kevin Hartshorn - Mathematics of Origami

February 23, 2022

Dr. Kevin Hartshorn joined Moravian University in 2004 as Associate Professor of Mathematics and since 2016 has served as our Dean of Student Success. His presentation features an interactive component working with origami and he discusses the ways in which origami has influenced his teaching and research.

Dr. Sonia Aziz - Bringing Space Observations To A Rural Bangladeshi Village

November 3, 2021

Join Dr. Sonia Aziz, Associate Professor of Economics, as she talks about bringing space observations to a Bangladesh Village. Moravian faculty and students are changing the world, through innovative, global problem-solving solutions.

Dr. Beth Gotwals - Health From a Global Perspective 

May 25, 2021

Join Dr. Beth Gotwals, associate professor of nursing, for our last Virtual Return & Learn event of the semester! Dr. Gotwals will discuss the social and financial conditions of health systems around the globe.

Dr. Ruth Malenda - Star Students Embrace Astronomy Opportunities

March 10, 2021

Join Dr. Ruth Malenda, Assistant Professor of Physics, for a down-to-earth conversation about astrophysics. Dr. Malenda will share opportunities for students to conduct research using a remote, robotic telescope! Learning to use this instrument develops the skills to search for exoplanets.

Dr. Sabrina Terrizzi - The Social Determinants of Health - an Economic Perspective

February 23, 2021

For this episode of Moravian University's Alumni "Return and Learn" session, join us along with Dr. Sabrina Terrizzi, Associate Professor of Economics, where we will learn about the social determinants of health. She dives into economic theory to understand the demand for health and healthcare, and how this demand is influenced by circumstances outside of the healthcare system. Connections will be made to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dr. Kara Mosovsky - COVID 101 - From Basic Science to the Vaccine Efforts  

January 13, 2021

Dr. Mosovsky presents on the progression of COVID, specifically the biological efforts and work surrounding the creation of an effective vaccine. Dr. Mosovsky currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Biology.

Dr. Katie P. Desiderio - Leading From Any Seat  

October 24, 2020

Join us as we explore leading from any seat where you will: recognize your personal core values, reflect on how you enact your values while doing what you say you will do, and connect with why all of this matters in the face of change. Dr. Katie P. Desiderio currently serves as Moravian’s Assistant Vice President for Corporate-Educational Partnerships and Executive Director for Graduate Business Programs.

Dr. Michael Bertucci - The Development of Bacterial Resistance to Current Antibiotics

October 24, 2020

Learn how the development of bacterial resistance to current antibiotics has turned once treatable bacterial infections into serious health risks. Consequently, the need for new strategies that treat or prevent infection while minimizing resistance formation is critical. A unique cell-density dependent communication mechanism in bacteria known as quorum sensing has been demonstrated to regulate a series of important colony-wide physical responses (phenotypes) that influence human health. Our research lab makes unique, biologically relevant molecules known as peptides capable of controlling these quorum sensing phenotypes in both disease-causing and probiotic bacterial species. Dr. Bertucci currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

Lockdowns & Shutdowns with Dr. Eva Marikova Leeds

September 24, 2020

Dr. Eva Marikova Leeds, Professor of Economics at Moravian University, will explain the economic impacts of COVID-19 including what projections can be made for the next several years as a result of the pandemic and what it will it take for our economy to get back on track.

Curriculum and Programs in 2020 with Vice Provost Carol Traupman-Carr

May 27, 2020

 Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr '86, Vice Provost and Professor of Music, discusses the role that Moravian has taken with several new program additions and what our challenging curriculum looks like in 2020.

Love and the Brain with Dr. Cecilia Fox

February 12, 2020

Many scientists have asked, "what is love?" In our conversation, we will discuss the role of the brain and its chemicals in understanding attraction and attachment. Is there a biological formula or is love a work in progress? Join us to learn about the neuroscience of love from Dr. Cecilia Fox, Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences and Director of the Neuroscience Program

Global Greyhounds

October 30, 2019

Greyhounds come to Moravian from all over the world - China, France, and Tanzania, to name a few. Join us to learn about Moravian's Global Greyhounds in this special presentation by Dr. Manuel (Manny) González ’84, Executive Director of International Enrollment. 

The History of Moravian's Landscape

March 20, 2019

Join us to learn about the landscape of Moravian University from General Services Manager, Randy Haffling. 

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Science Center

February 6, 2019

Moravian Stars

November 28, 2018

Local Ghost Legends

October 31, 2018 was the perfect night to learn a bit more about ghost legends of downtown Bethlehem and Moravian University. Alumnus and former ghost tour guide, George Wacker ’03, enlightened us on these spooky stories. 

Social Media 101

Social Media guru and owner of Lehigh Valley with Love Media, George Wacker ’03, gave us a run down of the top social media sites and how to best utilize them for personal use on September 12, 2018.

Wine and Food Pairings

Jan ’64 and John ’65 Landis, owners of Vynecrest Vineyard and Winery, joined us on campus on May 9, 2018 to share with us some information on pairing food and wine! We tastes 5 wines with different meats, cheeses, and even chocolate! 

Investing Basics 

This session held on March 27, 2018 consisted of two financial advisors, Jake Millen '11 and Kelly Rindock '03, presenting on investment basics followed by a question and answer session.  Jake is a Financial Advisor with Valor Independent Group. Kelly is the Vice President of Wealth Management and Branch Manager at Steel Valley Investment Group of Raymond James. Alumni learned how to make their money work for them!

Moravian Archives

This session held on January 24, 2018 featured Brielle Popolla ’19, a Moravian University student, who found Bethlehem has a larger connection to American History than our community might have known. A variety of artifacts were displayed including connections to important historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.