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Exit Criteria

The following exit criteria pertain to all certification programs at both the undergraduate and post-bacc levels:

  • an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • successful completion of professional core education courses (see individual program fact sheets);
  • successful completion of subject-specific PRAXIS exam(s);
  • successful completion of stage 1-3 student teaching requirements;
  • and successful of completion of two 7-week stage 4 student teaching experiences, with documentation of two PDE form 430 evaluations.



Title II Reporting

View information about Title II reporting, and to view our latest Title II report.

Kappa Delta Pi: International Honorary Society in Education

KDP is an organization of education certification students. The International KDP membership recognizes overall academic excellence. Local members strive to maintain a high degree of collegiality and mentoring in elementary and secondary education programs. (Advisor: Tristan Gleason,  Co-Presidents: Melissa Walko and Valentina Margiottiello)

Moravian Action Research Thesis Collection

View the full M.Ed Candidate Action Research Thesis collection.

Additional Resources