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Undergraduate Programs

Elementary Classroom

Undergraduate Programs

We believe a teacher is best prepared through a program that integrates the liberal arts within a meaningful academic discipline and extensive hands-on field experience. Our program will engage you in putting theory into practice, as well as the art of self-reflection, in order to help you become a teacher who acts deliberately and thoughtfully and has the ability to explain the basis for those actions.

Our goal is to prepare you to:

  • be a scholar as well as an educator
  • possess a solid grasp of content to be taught
  • be committed to the academic success of all your students
  • be concerned with the personal as well as the intellectual development of your students
  • use pedagogical strategies that are firmly grounded in empirical research and systematic reflection of practice
  • understand the value of continuing professional development
  • teach to the diversity of students in your classrooms
  • use assessment to inform instruction, proficient with integrating technology to enhance instruction
  • become a lifelong learner

Moravian University offers the following certifications at the undergraduate level: