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Music Education (PK-12)

The mission of the music education program at Moravian University is to prepare knowledgeable, capable, and flexible musician-educators for the widest variety of music instructional settings possible. Based on the belief that students learn best by doing, the focus of the program is for our music education students to develop teaching skills that foster the growth of individual musicianship in learners through performing, listening, responding, and experiencing music of all types, leading to lifelong engagement with music.

Moravian University musician-educators are expected to maintain a high level of involvement in their performance area, supported by a core of essential music courses, in theory, musicianship, history, world music, performing ensembles, and private instruction. Education courses prepare students for the diverse populations they will encounter in school programs, and provide background in child development and educational psychology. Music education courses focus on content specific pedagogy that models research-based best practices in music education. A sequential series of field experiences linked to coursework provides real-world application of the skills being discussed in class. Cooperating teachers serve as partners, providing both a model of excellence and direct and specific feedback to students in the field. A core of liberal arts courses ensures that Moravian musician-educators are well rounded and prepared to take their place as responsible artistic citizens of the world.

Professional Education Courses Required for Certification

Recommended for the freshman year, spring

  • EDUC 160 Culture, Community & Diversity: Intro. to Critical Pedagogy (40 hour Stage 1 & 2 Field Experience / fulfills M3)

Recommended for the sophomore year

  • EDUC 130 Student Development & Instructional Design (Stage 1 & 2 Field Experience)
  • EDUC 100.2 Intro to the Education of English Language Learners

Recommended for the junior year

  • EDUC 244 Including Students with Disabilities
  • EDUC 367 Teaching Music to Children (spring; 75 hour Stage 3 Field Experience)

Recommended for the senior year

  • EDUC 368 Teaching Music to Adults & Adolescents (fall; 75 hour Stage 3 Field Experience)
  • EDUC 375-7 Student Teaching (spring)

The Music Major Leads to a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Education

Recommended for freshman fall

  • MUS 110.2 Performance
  • MUS 140.2 Musicianship I
  • MUS 165.2 Music of the Western World
  • LinC Req. First Year Seminar (F1)
  • LinC Req. F3 Language I
  • LinC Req. F2 or F4

Recommended for freshman spring

  • MUS 111.2 Performance
  • MUS 137.1 Music Technology Techniques
  • MUS 141.2 Musicianship II
  • MUS 171.2 Diatonic Harmony
  • MUS 175.2 Musics of the World
  • LinC Req.(2) F3 Language II + M3(Educ160) 

Recommended for sophomore fall

  • MUS 210.3 Performance
  • MUS 240.2 Musicianship III
  • MUS 272.2 Chromatic Harmony
  • MUS 281 Western Music to 1750
  • MUS 13X.3 3 Technique Classes
  • EDUC 130 (see above)

Recommended for sophomore spring

  • MUS 211.3 Performance
  • MUS 241.2 Musicianship IV
  • MUS 283 Classical & Romantic Music
  • MUS 13X.1 3 Technique Class
  • EDUC 100.2 (above) & LinC (F2, F4, or M2)

Recommended for junior fall

  • MUS 310.2 Performance
  • MUS 340.2 Form
  • MUS 342.2 Orchestration
  • MUS 352.2 20th C. Music to 1945
  • EDUC 244 (see above)
  • LinC Req. ( F2, F4, M2 or U 1/2) 
  • Math (.5 unit)

Recommended for junior spring

  • MUS 311.2 Performance
  • MUS 334.2 Introduction to Conducting
  • MUS 354.2 Contemporary Music since 1945
  • EDUC 367 (see above) MATH XXX.2 (Education requirement)
  • LinC Req. ( F2, F4, M2 or U 1/2)
  • Elective 1/2 unit
  • MUS 322.2 Improvisation

Recommended for senior fall

  • MUS 312 Performance
  • MUS 336.2 Conducting
  • MUS 375.2 Recital
  • MUS 365.1 **Jazz Methods for Educ. Recommended, not required.
  • EDUC 368 (see above)

Recommended for senior spring

  • MUS 313.2 Performance
  • MUS 374.2 Seminar
  • EDUC 375-7 (see above)

NOTE: Music Education students are required to pass the Music Department Sophomore Assessment. See the Music Department Handbook for details.

Important Guidelines

  • Students must have an overall GPA of 2.7 in order to take 200 level education courses or above.
  • All education courses must be completed prior to beginning student teaching. Other than the performance unit, no other courses should be taken during the student teaching semester.
  • Students must have prior written approval by the program coordinator if they plan to complete any of these courses at another institution

Program Coordinators

Carole A. Lutte
Music Education Coordinator and Advisor