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Education Student Learning Outcomes

Knowing the Content

  • Demonstrate knowledge of content in their disciplines
  • Demonstrate proficiency in writing, reading comprehension, speaking, listening, thinking, and computational skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of human development, learning theories, and child psychology
  • Demonstrate knowledge of curriculum and instruction in their disciplines
  • Demonstrate knowledge and use of educational technology
  • Articulate an understanding of the historical, social, and political foundations of education
  • Articulate a personal philosophy regarding teaching and current educational issues
  • Select and develop classroom learning experiences that are valid and significant
  • Plan short- and long-term learning experiences in specific subject matter and interdisciplinary areas
  • Formulate and write suitable general and specific performance objectives for a given instructional plan that reflect the needs of the learner, society, and subject matter content
  • Creatively plan from and extend the documented curriculum, considering the needs of diverse populations


  • Demonstrate an ability to reflect on their teaching, including an ability to alter strategies in light of reflection
  • Teach effective lessons that utilize varied instructional strategies
  • Determine and select appropriate instructional materials
  • Construct a variety of teacher-made instructional materials that are clear, appropriate, and function as good models
  • Use structuring comments and appropriate questioning strategies for fostering cognitive and affective understandings
  • Observe, interpret, and provide for student behaviors, interests, understandings, and skills
  • Evaluate student progress and provide constructive feedback
  • Establish and carry out a self-evaluation of curriculum and instruction
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for learning


  • Perform according to the ethical standards of the teaching profession
  • Exhibit professional traits, such as showing enthusiasm for learning and teaching, for self-evaluation, and for correcting behaviors that detract from effective teaching
  • Maintain accurate and current records
  • Communicate pupil progress, with accuracy and sensitivity, to parents and colleagues, as well as on permanent records
  • Treat students and colleagues with kindness, compassion, honesty, and respect