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Middle Level Education (Grades 4-8)

The mission of the middle-level certification program at Moravian University is to prepare knowledgeable and competent professionals who become educational leaders. We provide a comprehensive approach to mentoring pre-service teachers through teaching and research addressing the specific affective and cognitive needs of adolescents.

Moravian University's middle level pre-service teachers are knowledgeable about the organization and philosophy of middle school education, adolescent development, the fourth through eighth grade curriculum, skills necessary for middle level instruction, use of data for assessment, effective classroom management strategies, current skills in the use of educational technology, and the design of successful interventions responsive to the needs of individual middle level students. 

Middle-level certification candidates complete a liberal arts core of studies, an academic major in mathematics, science, English, history, or an approved interdisciplinary combination; education courses for teacher certification; and a sequence of field experiences that are developmentally appropriate, linked directly to education coursework, in a variety of educational settings.

Major Requirements and the LinC Curriculum

Students seeking certification in middle-level education (grades 4 through 8) must complete a major in mathematics, elementary general science, English, history, or historical studies, or they may complete a pre-approved interdepartmental major in mathematics/general science, mathematics/English, or general science/English.

Students must also complete the University’s program of general education, Learning in Common. Students must select MATH 120 to fulfill the requirement in Quantitative Reasoning (F2) and ENVR 112 to fulfill the lab science requirement (F4). (Students majoring in mathematics, mathematics/general sciences, or mathematics/English are exempt from taking MATH 120) In the Multidisciplinary (M) categories, students must take History 113 to fulfill the Historical Studies (M1) requirement; EDUC 131 to fulfill the Literature (M2) requirement; EDUC 160 to fulfill the Ultimate Questions (M3) requirement; POSC 110 to satisfy the Economic, Social, and Political Systems (M4) requirement; and IDIS 110 to fulfill the Cultural Values and Global Issues (M5) requirement. The Aesthetic Expression (M6) requirement is waived for these students. In addition, elementary/middle-level education students must complete one of the two Upper-Division (U) categories, which may be a part of the major; the other is waived.

Professional Education courses required for certification

Recommended for the freshman year

  • EDUC 100.2 Intro. to the Education of English Language Learners (fall)
  • EDUC 160 Culture, Community & Diversity (spring; 40 hour Stage1&2 Field Experience/ fulfills M3)

Recommended for the sophomore year

  • EDUC 130 Student Devel. & Instructional Design (fall, Stage 1&2 Field Exp.)
  • EDUC 131 Young Adult Literature (spring only, fulfills M2 requirement)
  • EDUC 140.2 Computer Technology in the Classroom

Recommended for the junior year

  • EDUC 244 Including Students with Disabilities (fall)
  • EDUC 332 Mathematics for Middle Level Learners (spring, with 359.2)
  • EDUC 333 Literacy for the Middle Level Learner (spring, with 359.2)
  • EDUC 359.2 Pre-Student-Teaching Field Experience (spring, 75 hour Stage 3)

Recommended for the senior year

  • EDUC 232.2 Interventions for Middle Level Learners (fall only)
  • EDUC 330 Social Studies for Middle Level Learners (fall, with 358.2)
  • EDUC 331 Science for Middle Level Learners (fall, with 358.2)
  • EDUC 358.2 Pre-Student-Teaching Field Experience (fall, 75 hour Stage 3)
  • EDUC 371 Issues in Middle Level Education
  • EDUC 375-7 Student Teaching Experience (spring, Stage 4 field)

Important Guidelines

  • Students must complete all foundation (100 level) courses with grade C or better in order to continue taking upper level courses. Two 100-level courses require an early field experience. They may not be taken in the same semester. Students in middle level certification programs should take Education 100.2 in their first term of study at the University. 
  • Students must have an overall QPA of 2.7 in order to take education courses at the 200 level or above. 
  • All education courses must be completed prior to the start of student teaching. No other courses should be taken during student teaching which is completed in the senior year.
  • Any of the above courses which you plan to complete at another institution must have prior written approval of the program coordinator.

Program Advisor

Dr. Edward Nolan 
Assistant Professor of Education
Middle Level Certification Advisor