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French (PK-12)

The French Major Requires Ten Courses Above FREN 105

Three required courses
  • FREN 110 Introductory French III
  • FREN 210 Films as Keys to French and Francophone Cultures
  • FREN 215 Texts as Keys to French and Francophone Cultures
Two courses of the following three
  • FREN 225 French Connections: Letters and Culinary Art
  • FREN 241 Introduction to French Literature
  • FREN 250 France from 1950 to the present - Politics and Society
Two courses at the 300 level
  • FREN 330 Art, Culture, and History in Paris
  • FREN 350 Conformists and Rebels: Selected works from Seventeenth and Eighteenth-century France
  • FREN 353 A Role of Her Own: Works by French and Francophone Women
  • FREN 355 The Novel as an Expression of Traditional and Modern France
  • FREN 360 20th-Century Theater
  • FREN 361 French Modern Urbanization

One of these must be taken at the University in the senior year. After completing Foreign language 215 or 241, students may no longer take 100-level courses.

Study Abroad

All students majoring in French will be required to study abroad for a minimum of one semester (taking three courses minimum) in a country where French is the principal language. Courses taken during study abroad must be approved by the department prior to the student’s registration for the program.

The ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview Requirement

All non-native speakers of French, who are candidates for secondary teacher certification are required to pass the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) with a minimum grade of Intermediate High in order to be recommended by the Department of Foreign Languages for student teaching. 

Content Area Tests - required prior to certification

5511  Fundamental Subjects:  Content Knowledge

5174  French: World Language

Test scores should be reported to Moravian University (RA2418) and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

Program Coordinators

Dr. Joanne McKeown
Modern Languages & Literatures Department Chair
French Foreign Language Coordinator 

Dr. Tristan Gleason
Education Department Advisor