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M.Ed. Thesis Abstracts & Documents

Welcome to the Moravian University Education Department’s teacher action research collection. More than 175 K-12 teachers to date have researched their professional practice and documented the ways in which they have worked to increase student engagement and achievement within their respective classrooms as part of their requirement to earn the Master of Education degree. The complete collection of abstracts and studies in pdf format from 2003 to the present may be perused and downloaded from this site or you may examine the collection, using the search features of the Reeves Library MOSYS catalog by clicking here.


Note: If you perform a search on Reeves Library Catalog by Author, entering "Moravian University Masters of Education," entries for all Master of Education thesis documents will be retrieved.


Bennett, Kari (2019). What Are the Effects of a Curricular Emphasis on Gender Equity on Students’ Beliefs and Attitudes About Girls in STEM in a 4th Grade STEM Classroom?

Bennett - Full Document (PDF)


Culligan, Ashely (2019). Incorporating Physical Activity Breaks into the ELA Curriculum.

Culligan - Full Document (PDF)


D'Ippolito, Alyssa L. (2019). Trading Behaviors: De-escalation Techniques and Behavior Modification in a Middle School Emotional Support Classroom.

D'Ippolito - Full Document (PDF)


Emili, Angela E. (2019). The Impact of Social Justice Themes on Student Artwork in an Urban Elementary School Setting.

Emili - Full Document (PDF)


Glase, Elizabeth M. (2019). Implementing Literacy Strategies and Math Talk in the Sixth Grade Mathematics Classroom.

Glase - Full Document (PDF)


Hartman, Ariel (2019). Using a Pathway of Reflective Coaching to Build Relationships with Classroom Teachers.

Hartman - Full Document (PDF)


Hassay, Christopher R. (2019). Curatorial Teaching: Student Directed Inquiry in a First-Year Writing Classroom.

Hassay - Full Document (PDF)


Hutzayluk, Stephanie (2019). Intergenerational Learning: Building Relationships with Senior Citizens in a First Grade Classroom.

Hutzayluk - Full Document (PDF)


Jordan, Lindsay M. (2019). Using Multisensory Techniques to Improve Reading Achievement.

Jordan - Full Document (PDF)


Kieszek, Christopher (2019). What are the Effects on Academic Performance and Engagement when Implementing a Flipped Classroom Model Approach to Teaching in a High School Algebra 2 Classroom?

Kieszek - Full Document (PDF)


Linkert, Jennifer L. (2019). Incorporating Different Cultures into the Curriculum.

Linkert - Full Document (PDF)


Lutri, Taylor (2019). Let’s Get Our “Hands-On” Learning: Using Multisensory Activities in Student Centers.

Lutri - Full Document (PDF)


Ramirez, Kelvyn (2019). Teaching in the Target Language Within the 21st Century Classroom.

Ramirez - Full Document (PDF)


Strickler, Samantha (2019). Math Interventions in the First Grade Classroom: Tiered, Tired, and True?

Strickler - Full Document (PDF)