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M.Ed. Thesis Abstracts & Documents

Welcome to the Moravian College Education Department’s teacher action research collection. More than 175 K-12 teachers to date have researched their professional practice and documented the ways in which they have worked to increase student engagement and achievement within their respective classrooms as part of their requirement to earn the Master of Education degree. The complete collection of abstracts and studies in pdf format from 2003 to the present may be perused and downloaded from this site or you may examine the collection, using the search features of the Reeves Library MOSYS catalog by clicking here.


Note: If you perform a search on Reeves Library Catalog by Author, entering "Moravian College Masters of Education," entries for all Master of Education thesis documents will be retrieved.


Branning, Stephanie (2018). RTI: Increasing Reading Comprehension.

Full Document (PDF)


Budge, Caitlin M. (2018).
The Student Led Makerspace: How Students Transform Their Learning Through Explorative Play.

Full Document (PDF)


Collier, Shawn (2018).
The Effects of Monitoring Fact Fluency on Student Practice Choice and Efficacy.

Full Document (PDF)


Culp, Lauren A. (2018).
Communication is Key: Students Identified as Having Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Generalization of Social Skills.

Full Document (PDF)


DeLuca, Amanda (2018).
“Why Can’t We Just Read American Books?” Aiding Reading Comprehension and Engagement of Global Literature in the High School English Classroom.

Full Document (PDF)


Erney, Nicole J. (2018).
Effects of Explicit Small Group Instruction to Increase Phonological Awareness in First Grade Students.

Full Document (PDF)


Fontanez, Kristina (2018).
The Write Stuff!: Improving Narrative Writing Through Interventions.

Full Document (PDF)


Habick, Amy. (2018).
Attacking Writer’s Block for Low Income Students: Increasing Writing Achievement and Motivation Through Student Choice and Guided Writing Groups.

Full Document (PDF)


Henninger, Jennifer (2018).
What Should I Write? To Choose or Not to Choose.

Full Document (PDF)


Kalamar, Kelsey (2018).
Questioning Techniques that Increase Student Engagement During the Mathematics Lesson.

Full Document (PDF)


Kapral, Steven (2018).
Implementing and Managing Student Choice in Independent Online Mathematics Learning: What Motivates Students?

Full Document (PDF)


Koster, Melissa T. (2018).
A Goal-Setting Approach to Increased Self-Motivation.

Full Document (PDF)


Lowery KinKade, Katie (2018).
Flipping the Social Studies Classroom: Studying the Past Through Technology.

Full Document (PDF)


Mollica, Tara (2018).
Journal Writing in a First Grade Classroom.

Full Document (PDF)


Neumann, Steve (2018).
The Philosopher-in-Residence in Teacher Graduate Education

Full Document (PDF)


Petty, Kaitlyn R. (2018).
The Art of Choice: Implementing a Choice-Based Instructional Model in a Fourth Grade Art Classroom.

Full Document (PDF)


Putlock, Amy L. (2018).
Rethinking Secondary General Music: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in the Urban Middle School Classroom.

Full Document (PDF)
Abstract (PDF)


Schnalzer, Kirsten (2018).
I'm Not Afraid Anymore: Improving Self-Efficacy and Achievement for Students with Disabilities Through Writing a Personal Narrative.

Full Document (PDF)


Smeraldo, Heather (2018).
Math Students in a Fourth Grade Classroom

Full Document (PDF)
Abstract (PDF)


Treichler, Diane L. (2018).
Struggling Readers: A Multisensory Approach to Teaching Morphological Awareness.

Full Document (PDF)