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Moravian College

Alumni Spotlight

Thanks to Emeritus English Professor Dr. George Diamond for gathering new alumni spotlight pieces for the English Department website.

Kelly Grab '11

kelly Grab

Kelly Grab is Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action /Title IX Investigator at Vassar College. In her current position, she investigates discriminatory harassment, specifically sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. This position requires collaboration with various campus offices, as well as sensitivity to trauma and the psychological well-being of all involved in these sensitive and difficult cases.

Immediately after graduating from Moravian, Kelly completed an M.S. Ed. Degree at Indiana University Bloomington, concentrating on higher education and student affairs. She received her degree in May 2013 and began working at Vassar College, where she was involved in residential life as Assistant Director for housing and student conduct. She was appointed to her present position in June 2015.

On the influence of Moravian College in her career path, Kelly says: “My position requires inquiry and assessment of credibility, both of which I did in my close readings of fiction, which I now apply to my investigations. The English major gave me technical skills in written work which required me to be detailed, clear, and concise. In addition to writing lengthy summary investigative reports, I am often writing and re-writing policy statements related to state and federal compliance standards and best practices in higher education. I have presented reports at national conferences and participated in a national survey, as recommended by a White House Task Force, on sexual misconduct, dating abuse, and stalking. In consultation with peer institutions, I helped create a comprehensive survey that will be used to transform current policy and procedures and improve support resources and prevention efforts.”

The skills Kelly developed as an English major include writing, editing, problem-solving, critical thinking, and analysis. Added to that are perceiving patterns and structures, synthesizing information, managing a project from conception to completion, and creating persuasive messages. Kelly believes that the English major “prepares someone in far more ways for work and life than the ability to read and write well. Perhaps the most important skill is the ability to perceive the world from multiple points of view.” In Kelly’s experience, this has led to “…more mindful decision-making while reinforcing the concepts of personal responsibility, accountability, and healthy community membership.”