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English Internships



Internships are your opportunity to see classroom material come to life. To get first hand exposure to a possible career. To develop important relationships with professionals in your field. You'll work closely with your faculty coordinator to reflect upon the ongoing experience.

Alliance for Sustainable Communities, Lehigh Valley 
Allied Personal Services, Allentown, PA 
Allentown Symphony, Public Relations Dept.
American Cancer Society, Bethlehem, PA
Arcadia U., University Relations, Glenside, PA
ArtsQuest, Bethlehem, PA 
Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta, GA
BBS Marketing, New York, N.Y.
Bethlehem Area Public Library, Bethlehem, PA
Bethlehem Assoc. Bethlehem, PA
Bleacher Report, online
Da Vinci Science Center, Allentown, PA 
Domus Inc. (public relations), Philadelphia, PA
E. Pa. Business Journal, Bethlehem, PA
Firerock Productions, Emmaus, PA
Galvanized Brands
Galvanized Marketing Dept. 
Greater L.V. Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Bethlehem Assoc. Bethlehem, PA
Hannacroix Creek Books, Towson, MD
Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, PA
Houska ApotheCom, Yardley, PA
The Laros Foundation, Bethlehem, PA
Lehigh Marketplace Magazine, Allentown, PA
Lehigh Valley Style Magazine, Palmer, PA
L.V. Business Journal, Bethlehem, PA 
Marketing and Development Dept., Valley Youth House 
Moravian Academy Public Relations Dept. 
Mayfair Festival of the Arts, Allentown, PA
Moravian University Admissions Office, Bethlehem, PA
Moravian University Public Relations, Bethlehem, PA
Moravian Writers’ Conference, Bethlehem, PA 
National Museum of Industrial History, Bethlehem, PA
Natural Awakenings Magazine, Emmaus, PA
PBS 39 
Pennsylvanians for Human Life, Bethlehem, PA
RCN-TV, Bethlehem, PA
Reeves Library Archives, Moravian University
Reeves Library, Moravian University, Bethlehem, PA
SingOut! Magazine, Bethlehem, PA
Somerset County United Way, Gbridgewater, N.J.
Transformative Studies Institute 
Valley Youth House 
West End Happenings, Gilbert, PA
YWCA, Bethlehem, PA

Advising Info

Options for number of course units:

  • ½ unit (5-6 hours per week, 70 hours minimum for semester)
  • 1 unit (10-12 hours per week, 140 hours minimum for semester)
  • 2 units (20-24 hours per week, 280 hours minimum for semester)

Course options:

  • English 288 (Prerequisites: LinC 101; ENGL 225; ENGL 211, 212, or 217)
  • English 386-388 (Prerequisites: LinC 101; ENGL 225; ENGL 211, 212, or 217; ENGL 288 or one additional 200- or 300-level English course)

Requirements for all English internships:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher
  • Junior or Senior class standing
  • No more than a total of 3 internship units

Internship registration requirements:

  • Completion of Internship Agreement (available from Registrar’s Office or at Required Documents link below)
  • Signature of English Internship Faculty Coordinator 

At conclusion of internship:

  • Completion of Post-Internship Survey
  • Completion of Student Post-Internship Personal Assessment 
    (Forms available from Registrar’s Office or at Required Documents link below)

Required Internship Documents:

To learn more about internships offered for Moravian University students, please stop by the Career and Civic Engagement in the HUB; to learn more visit:

WOrking for a Purpose

Emily Paulin
College internships are a perfect way to experiment with potential career paths before becoming a graduate. This last spring Emily Paulin 15’ landed an internship at the Da Vinci Center in Allentown, where she realized she wanted to work with people and work towards a cause.