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English Student Research


STUDENT Research

Honors Program

The Honors program offers the qualified senior student the opportunity to work on a year-long independent, intensive research project on a specific topic of his or her choice. A senior admitted to the Honors program is expected to work on his or her project during the fall and spring terms under the guidance of a faculty member who serves as the Honors Project advisor, devoting no less time in each term than would be devoted to a course unit. For more information regarding the policies and procedures for the Honors Program, please visit the Moravian University Honors Program website.

SOAR Program 

The goal of the Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR) program is to facilitate student research in collaboration with a faculty mentor. To this end, the program provides stipends, travel allowances, and research expenses to support students and their faculty mentors as they engage in scholarly or creative work. Since its inception in 1998, the SOAR program has supported projects with student and faculty participation across every academic discipline at the college. For more information regarding the policies and procedures for the SOAR program, please visit the Moravian University SOAR Program website. 

2018 English Honors and SOAR Projects

Jaime Ernst—Honors
"Supporting Adolescent Literacy Development through Collaborative Multimodal Writing" 
Crystal Fodrey and Joe Shosh, advisors

Alicia Pisano—Honors
"Understanding and Writing in an Emerging Literary Genre: The Short Story Cycle" 
Joyce Hinnefeld, advisor

Corinne Philbin—SOAR
"Flavor of Bethlehem: A Celebration of People and Food" 
Christopher Shorr, advisor

Gabrielle Stanley—SOAR
"Toward Curricular and Pedagogical Innovation of the Teaching of Writing in Local High Schools" 
Crystal Fodrey, advisor

2017 English SOAR Project

Max Kraft
"Contextual Study, Translation, and Pedagogical Application of Selected Works by Aelfric of Eynsham (c. 1000 CE)" 
John Black, advisor

2016 English SOAR Project

Chris Hassay
"Laying the Groundwork for a Writing-Enriched Curriculum at Moravian University" 
Crystal Fodrey, advisor

2015 English Honors and SOAR Projects

Kyle Apgar—Honors
"The Political Discourse of the Sonnet: Amorous Language in the Public Sphere" 
Nicole Tabor, advisor

Savannah Brown—SOAR
"Writing the Women of Moravian University Past and Present" 
Crystal Fodrey, advisor

Sam Weinberg—SOAR
"Exhibit A: Multiculturalism and Stereotype in the Twenty-first Century" 
Christopher Shorr, advisor

2014 English Honors Project

Marissa Blose
"Revolutions in Twentieth-Century American Poetry"
Joyce Hinnefeld, advisor

2013 English Honors Projects

Jeremy Davidheiser
“Historicizing Middlemarch”
Martha Reid, advisor

Steve Delturk
“Poisonous Paragraphs: The Artists, Audiences, and Aesthetics of Hip-Hop”
Theresa Dougal, advisor

Meghan McLaughlin
“World War I English Poetry”
Joel Wingard, advisor

2012 English Honors Project

Dana Maroldi
“’The Necessity of Dying’: Violence and the Destruction of Self in Othello and Oroonoko”
Martha Reid, advisor

2011 English Honors Projects

Kate Brueningsen
“The Consciousness Aware of Itself: Gothic Doubling and the Dissolution of the Enlightenment Model of the Self”
George Diamond, advisor

Kelly L. Grab
“’A Different Kind of Same Thing’: The Continuity of Women's Issues in 20th Century American Drama as Analyzed in Trifles and Fefu and Her Friends”
Nicole Tabor, advisor

Sienna Mae Heath
“Speaking, Writing, and Typing: Human Voices of Communication”
John Black and William Falla, advisors

Michael Watson
“Where Is My Place? An Exploration of Home, Locale, and Niche in the World through Memoir, Lyric Essay, and Poetry”
Joyce Hinnefeld, advisor

2009 English Honors Projects

Victoria Bartkus
“Telling Tales: Narrative Innovation in Three Novels by Faulkner”
Martha Reid, advisor

Angela Geosits
“Governance, Marriage, and Pastoral Care: Estates Satire in the Canterbury Tales, the Confessio Amantis, and Piers Plowman
John R. Black, advisor

Cliff Jackson
“Newland Archer and His Failures in Old New York: An Examination of the Shortcomings of a Failed Man”
Annette Benert, advisor

Jessica Jonas
“(Re)Considering Bradbury: The Sociological Impact of an American Storyteller”
George S. Diamond and Joel Nathan Rosen, advisors

2008 English Honors Project

Abigail Perrin
“’The Swelling and Splendid Moment’: Intermediality in Virginia Woolf’s The Waves
Martha Reid, advisor

2007 English Honors Projects

Christina LaVecchia
“England’s ‘Spirit of the Age’: Comparing the Works of Wordsworth and His Musical Contemporaries within a Nineteenth-Century Social Context”
Theresa A. Dougal and Hilde Binford, advisors

Samantha Madison
“The Dali Syndrome”
Naomi N. Gal and Joyce A. Hinnefeld, advisors

2006 English Honors Projects

Amanda S. Clossen
“What Caused the Great Vowel Shift? A Labovian Approach”
John R. Black, advisor

Vanessa A. Fisher
“Conflict between Two Worlds: When Jewish Religion and Secularism Collide in Four Novels by Chaim Potok”
George S. Diamond, advisor

Alexis N. Vergalla
“A Field Guide of Marrow”
Naomi N. Gal and Joyce A. Hinnefeld, advisors

Courtney L. Werner
“America’s Neo-Gnostic Literature: What’s Really Going on in Philip K. Dick’s Valis Trilogy”
George S. Diamond and Steve R. Gordy, advisors

2005 English Honors Projects

Julie Elizabeth Anderson 
"Constructing Sylvia Plath: A Study in Autobiographical Writings" 
Theresa A. Dougal, advisor

Sara Suleman 
"Black Tea and Other Stories: Exploring Different Forms of Narrative"
Joel Wingard, advisor

Sarah B. Wagenseller 
"Behaving Decently in an Indecent Society: Kurt Vonnegut and the Meaning of Life"
George S. Diamond, advisor

William James Weber 
"Field Notes"
Joyce A. Hinnefeld, advisor