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Christie Jacobsen '00

Christie Jacobsen

Webmaster, Moravian College

Christie Jacobsen is a graduate of Moravian College (class of 2000) and now holds the position of Webmaster for the College. Her job entails overseeing and managing College websites in terms of both marketing and front-facing design. She works in the Marketing and Communication Office and oversees a small team of colleagues, Emily Whalen (Internet Marketing Associate) and Nina Elias (Web Content Manager). The digital element of Moravian College goes beyond merely the main website and also includes departmental sites and communication with Admissions staff and alumni, as well as collaboration with the Development Office.

Jacobsen fell in love with this line of work when she realized, as a student, that it was possible to combine creativity and technology. She considers herself to be both left- and right-brained and enjoys using the two simultaneously, as she does every day in this career. She is passionate about writing and communicating effectively, front-facing design, and coding, and being the Moravian College Webmaster has allowed her to integrate these interests in creating a meaningful career.

She graduated with a double major in art and English and minors in computer science and psychology. She had several different work study positions during her time as an undergraduate that helped her develop her skills as a webmaster, particularly in working on departmental websites. As a senior at Moravian College, her honors project focused on informational architecture, providing her with a basis for her goals for the Moravian College website; for her project she studied design and how to adequately portray information to make technology user-friendly and effective. She completed small web projects at various companies in the few months before being hired at Moravian in 2001. The web was relatively new at the time, rendering her a sort of pioneer in the creation of our school website.

Apart from her work in web design she is an avid golfer, a comic book enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed “big nerd.” She enjoys video games, Legos, and all things Disney. She also has a Bichon Frise named Molly who accompanies her to work every day, so be sure to look out for them on campus!

She is looking forward to her future at Moravian because of the College’s growing social media presence, and the fluid, ever-changing industry. She motivates herself to never stop learning and is constantly doing research to ensure she is keeping up with the latest trends. She is excited to bring new things to the face of Moravian College’s websites and we are lucky to have her on board!

--Alexandra Rosone, ‘17