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Emergency Info

Emergency Numbers

Campus Safety 1421 or 1465
Off-Campus Emergency 911
Health Center (610) 861-1567
Counseling Center (610) 861-1510
St. Luke’s Emergency Room (484) 526-4500
St. Luke’s North (484) 526-3000
L.V. Muhlenburg Emergency Room (484) 884-2201
Sacred Heart Emergency Room (610) 776-4622
Bethlehem Health Bureau (610) 865-7083
Turning Point (610) 437-3369
Smoking Quitline 1 877-724-1090
Crime Victims Counsel (610) 437-6611

Transportation Policy

Department of Campus Safety & Police Protocol for Request for Student Transport

Upon request, the Department of Campus Safety & Police will attempt to accommodate a student’s request for transport. Such transport will be made when there is ample coverage on campus and the campus is not left unprotected while the transport is being made. Ample coverage requires a least one patrol officer on campus who is available to respond to a call for service on either campus. The dispatcher will advise the student if they will be able to accommodate his/her request.

The Department of Campus Safety & Police will provide transportation of students under the following conditions:

  • When the shuttle service has ceased normal operations between Main Campus and the Hurd Campus
  • When a student seeks transportation to the campus from the North Street Parking Garage or Historic Bethlehem Partnership Lot and the shuttle service has ceased operation
  • When a student requests a transport/escort between locations on the Main Campus or Hurd Campus due to the time and they feel unsafe in traversing the Campus

Taxi Vouchers:

  • Taxi vouchers will be provided to students going to appointments, x-rays or other outside required referrals.
  • Vouchers to and from these facilities
  • The cost of the taxi service will be received by the health center and placed on the student's bills.

The aforementioned information about transports is not all inclusive. It is meant to provide guidelines and outlines the most frequently received requests by Campus Safety & Police for transport. If a request is received which is not mentioned above, the request will be reviewed by the shift supervisor who will determine if Campus Safety & Police will provide the transport.