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Medical Excuse Note Policy

Please print “Statement of Absence from Class” form

Notes will be given by the Health Care Providers if they are seen and treated and if they feel it is necessary to receive a note.

The revised policy presented below is congruent with policies of those campuses nationwide that recognize the adult relationship between college students and their instructors. Attendance/ participation policies related to specific courses should be outlined in class syllabi and communicated to students by their instructors. Sickness is only one of the many reasons that a student may not attend class. Ultimately, attending class is the responsibility of a student.

The health care providers at the Health Center will not write excuse notes for illnesses or problems regarding students for whom they have not provided care. 

Revised Policy:

  1. Students sometimes have illnesses, psychological conditions, or injuries that cause them to miss class. An excuse note will be written only when the student has been treated by a Health Center staff member and he/she has deemed it necessary for the student to be out of class for a particular date or dates. Under no circumstances will the diagnosis be placed on the note unless requested in writing by the student.
  2. If the medical condition extends more than three days, Learning Services will be notified. Details will only be given by the Health Center to Learning Services with the student’s written permission.
  3. In the event that a note is required by the professor in situations other than the above, it is suggested that a “Statement of Absence from Class” form be completed by the student and given to his/her professors. Falsifying absence from class is a violation of the Moravian University Academic Honesty Policy, which states in part that “students may not offer a falsified excuse for an absence from an examination, test, quiz, or other course requirement, directly or through another source.”