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The Honors Program is only open to full-time students enrolled in Moravian University's day program.

Students usually participate in the Honors Program during their last two semesters at Moravian, typically the Fall and Spring of their senior year. However, students are encouraged to apply for Spring/Fall participation (or other sequences) if they have other obligations during their senior year (such as student teaching or study abroad) or if they intend to finish all of their requirements in the Fall.

GPA Requirements

Juniors whose overall grade point average is 3.0 or better and whose average in the field of Honors work is 3.3 or better are eligible to apply. (Students who fail to maintain this average during the Program may be discontinued.)

Transfer Students

Students who have transferred to Moravian will have only the course grades at Moravian counted toward their eligibility. Usually transfer students are eligible only after completing two full terms, or eight course units, at Moravian. However, transfer applicants will be considered on an individual basis.


Choosing a Topic

Before submitting an application, students are encouraged to learn more about the Honors Program by browsing through the collection of past Honors Theses in Reeves Library. Students should consult with their academic advisors, and/or the chair or members of the department in which they would like to do Honors. Discussions with faculty members whose expertise matches the student's areas of interest should help to clarify the project's objectives.

Project advisors should guide students in the composition of a statement outlining the proposed project in terms of scope, research methods and, if possible, a working bibliography. The Honors Committee has the authority to accept, reject, or request revisions of any application.

How to Apply

Eligible students should complete the Honors Program Application including a project outline. So that they are fully familiar with the resources available at Reeves Library, students applying to join Honors are required to meet with a Reference Librarian before submitting their Honors application. Each candidate brings his or her application to this meeting. After the meeting, the librarian will sign the application and add any recommendations for further research orientation that seem warranted.

To receive full consideration, applications should be submitted (including a project outline and librarian's signature) no later than midterm of the semester before the project is to begin. Under normal circumstances, applications will not be accepted after the end of classes.

A student accepted into Honors will receive written authorization from the Honors Committee Chair, at which time the student formally becomes an Honors candidate and is instructed to register for Course 400 during Semester 1 and Course 401 during Semester 2.