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Review some highlights from our InFocus year! 

The 2021-22 InFocus team standing in Reeves Library for a group photo.

The Audre Lorde Display in Reeves Library featuring an assortment of her works as well as images and biographical information.

The LOVEWESHALL Mural located in the Haupert Union Building for display.

The Infocus team standing in front of the recently painted LoveWeShall banner on the HUB Pavilion.

A close picture of the LOVEWESHALL Mural which features a series of multicolored letters forming the shape of a heart. On Display in the HUB building.

A photo of the Infocus team standing in front of a library display in Reeves.

A shot of the Reeves Library display, complete with posters and images sorrounding the Health and Justice theme.