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InFocus at Moravian College

InFocus Town Hall

In Focus Town Hall Conference Spring'20

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The InFocus 2019 Town Hall at Moravian College!

Eleven courses representing diverse disciplines, and including over 160 students, have been hard at work developing research projects that link the topic of each course with urgent questions and challenge areas of InFocus: War, Peacebuilding and the Just Society; Poverty and Inequality; Sustainability; Health and Health Care. On April 10th, these students came together to share their research and to hear and learn from one another, together with Moravian faculty and expert consultants from our wider community. Our InFocus Town Hall is part of the process of building knowledge that will help us address society’s greatest needs. 

Please feel free to view photographs of the extraordinary event: Town Hall Photographs


Wednesday, April 10, 2019  

H.U.B. and Prosser Auditorium / 5:45 - 9:45 pm



Twelve spring courses at Moravian College are participating in an "InFocus Town Hall" in spring semester 2019. This means that through these courses, up to 250 students will engage in InFocus-related research projects addressing, in some way, the different challenge areas of InFocus: War, Peace-building and the Just Society; Poverty and Inequality; Sustainability; and Health and Healthcare.

On the evening of April 10th, all these students and their faculty will come together for an evening to share and reflect on student research and its possibilities for making positive change in the world. There will be reporting out by students, peer review, and response from local community experts who work in fields related to this research.

Speak with any members of the InFocus Team if you are interested in participating in this opportunity in the future! The Town Hall Model has been written up by The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) as a wonderfully promising venue that deepens student learning, creates stronger and more beneficial relationships with community partners, and increases student engagement.

According to the AAC&U, "As one student noted after participating in a Town Hall, 'I feel like the short two hours I spent in the discussions made me really open my eyes to [the fact] that there is a world out there and we can make it a better place … [the Town Hall Meeting] has made me want to be a more educated person about current events.' The self‐view expressed here indicates a sense of civic efficacy—the belief that one can participate in public life in ways that make a positive difference … [Town Halls help to encourage] an emerging positive possible self: a person with a future in the world, who can contribute to the larger good in the company of others, and who has an understanding of and a stated commitment to an ongoing process of remaining informed about current events as part of the path to reaching and becoming this future self." (Thia Wolf, "The Town Hall Meeting: Imagining a Self Through Public-Sphere Pedagogy," AAC&U 02/08/2018)


InFocus Town Hall Courses, Spring 2019

Professor Courses
Alison Holliday Chemistry; Chem 205: Environmental Chemistry
Christian Sinclair IDIS 296A: International Human Rights, Music, and Resistance
Christopher Shorr THEA 232 / ENGL 232 Art of Theatre (M6)
James Teufel HLTP 289 Social Determinants of Health
Jane Berger HIST 295 Race and Citizenship in Modern US History
Kristin Baxter Art Department; Special Topics: Art in Alternative Settings
Michelle Schmidt PSYC 371 Adolescence, Adulthood, and Aging
Sonia Aziz Economics and Environmental Studies; Econ 241: Natural Resource Economics and Policy
Colleen Payton HLTP 340 A: Health Program Planning and Evaluation
Janet Ohles HLTP 315 A: Health Policy
Franca Roibal Fernandez FORL 214: Immigration, Exile, and Internal Displacement in Latin American and Latino Literature


Faculty supporting the InFocus Town Hall 2019

Alison Holliday, Christian Sinclair, Christopher Shorr, James Teufel, Jane Berger, Kristin Baxter, Michelle Schmidt, Sonia Aziz, Colleen Payton, Janet Ohles and Franca Roibal Fernandez

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