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The Minor in Music


The Minor in Music

1.00 unit MUS 165.2 and MUS 175.2 (or MUS 106, Art of Music)
1.00 unit MUS 140.2 and MUS 141.2 (or MUS 101, Short Course in Theory)
1.00 unit Performance (four (4) terms of private lessons)*
2.00 units Two (2) selected courses (or equivalent in course units)**

* Four terms of lessons (MUS 200.1, 201.1, 202.1, and 203.1) are required for the minor in music. The same or different instrument/voice may be studied each term. Although additional lessons may be taken each term (200.1 for one, 200.2 for two, etc.), each set of lessons will be charged a lesson fee. Music minors enrolled in lessons must attend a minimum of eight (8) department-sponsored concerts, recitals, and/or Performance Classes in the term of enrollment.

** One unit may be satisfied by enrolling in six (6) large ensembles over the course of four (4) years – in any combination of Choir, Marching Band, Orchestra, and/or Wind Ensemble.