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Music Student Learning Outcomes

Our curriculum and department strive to affirm the development of the whole student intellectually, physically, emotionally, and ethically. This goal is learning-centered rather than teaching-centered. Thus, each student will:

  • Demonstrate competency with fundamental musicianship skills including: solfège; rhythmic performance; rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic dictation; conducting patterns; and basic keyboard skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Western music theory, including standard principles of voice leading and part writing in diatonic and chromatic harmony and contemporary idioms
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the major historical styles, epochs, and composers of Western music, from antiquity to the present
  • Demonstrate growth as performers in both solo and ensemble situations
  • Demonstrate an ability to improvise using a given set of parameters
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the music from outside traditional Western studies and styles, and draw connections to Western music
  • Demonstrate familiarity with music-related technology, including music software and digital storytelling, and other technologies as appropriate to the degree program
  • Demonstrate an ability to write and speak intelligently about music
  • Demonstrate an ability to synthesize various aspects of music study (theory, history, musicianship, performance) in both academic and performance venues, thereby demonstrating critical thinking and maturing into well-rounded performing musicians
  • Develop the capacity to evolve into self-sufficient and life-long learners in musical studies