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Ask anyone what makes Moravian University special, and they’ll tell you it’s the friendly, genuine, got-your-back community. We are family. Follow along as we shine the spotlight on faculty, staff, and students through questions that reveal not just the day-to-day but driving passions, pet peeves, favorite spot on campus, go-to for fun, and more.

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Annette Best-Hopkins headshot


Annette Best-Hopkins

Catering Assistant

"My favorite ice cream is butter pecan because it is salty and sweet like me!"

Student gather in front of Camelot for Children


Camelot for Children

Community Partner

"I think our greatest unknown asset is our commitment to our next generation's philanthropic spirit.  Seeing students growing from giving is truly rewarding."

Jason Dietrich headshot


Jason Dietrich

Class of 2019

"My favorite thing to do when I am away from campus is golf because I love the scenery of being outdoors in nature. That’s another reason why I am a science major because science encompasses processes in nature, many of which are yet to be discovered."

Dietlinde Heilmayr headshot


Dietlinde Heilmayr

Assistant Professor of Psychology

"As a social psychologist, I understand the power of the situation—how situational and social factors can bring moral people to act in immoral ways (which includes simply failing to act—the evil of inaction). I admire anyone who speaks up in the face of injustice, who intervenes even under ambiguous or risky circumstances, or who breaks social norms to do what’s right."

Katicia Rothrock headshot


Katicia Rothrock

College Account Specialist-Cashier

"My hero is anyone who can find and appreciate the humor in life. None of us will make it out alive and you have to learn to let things go."

Shannon Talbott headshot


Shannon Talbott

Associate Professor of Mathematics

"My favorite spot on campus is anywhere I can bring some tea and sit and chat with other people because the infrequency of relaxation time in my schedule makes me appreciate when I have it!"

Josiah Soto headshot


Josiah Soto

Class of 2020

"Something that makes me happy is seeing other people participate in work that they are passionate about. Seeing their spark is what motivates me to continue doing what I love the most."

Deb Halliday headshot


Deb Halliday

Nursing Instructor, Simulation Lab Coordinator

"I love teaching nursing students using simulation. I strive to make the simulated experience as real as possible for students."

Rachelle Antoine headshot


Rachelle Antoine

Class of 2018

"My hero is my mother. She truly exemplifies what strength is. I don't think there is anything that is more beautiful than a woman who can fall and stand up fighting harder."

Lina Fu headshot


Lina Fu

Class of 2020

"You only have to prove yourself to one person: you."

Jesse Baumann headshot


Jesse Baumann

Director of Cross Country/Track & Field

"I think people see a coach's primary role as what you traditionally see on the sideline. However, we're "on call" 24/7."

Richard Krohn headshot


Richard Krohn

Adjunct Instructor & Academic Mentor/Advisor to the tennis teams

"My favorite college tradition is not a particular, named event, but rather the "tradition" (habit) of students holding doors open for others and for me, and greeting me as I go across campus: very "small college" and Moravian, in the best sense."

Amy Klotz headshot


Amy Klotz

Accounting Manager, AP & Purchasing

"My favorite college tradition is Play 4Kay week because I recently lost my aunt to a very long battle with breast cancer so this tradition has a special connection to my life. I'm thankful for the efforts to raise awareness and money for the fight against women's cancers."

James Scifers headshot


James Scifers

Professor & Chair, Dept. of Rehabilitation Sciences
Program Director, MSAT Program

"I believe I have the best job in the world at Moravian University! I feel blessed and privileged to be able to do something that I am extremely passionate about."

Lauren Bertucci headshot


Lauren Bertucci

Class of 2018

"Being a student-athlete forced me to learn time management and responsibility early on in my college career since I had to balance practice, game, and academic schedules."

baxter listing.jpg


Kristin Baxter

Associate Professor of Art

"My favorite college tradition is everything greyhound because last May I adopted Marv Levy, a six-year-old brindle greyhound (who is usually mistaken as Benny!)"

YMCA, Allentown Branch


YMCA, Allentown Branch

Community Partner

"Moravian University supports our mission by encouraging students, staff, and faculty to get involved in the community. As a volunteer-led organization, we value the support of the volunteers who help advance our mission."

John Hargraves headshot

John Hargraves

Class of 2020

What is the best advice you have ever received?
"Everyone has obstacles, but it's how you rise above them that determine who you are."


Cathy Welsko headshot

Cathy Welsko

Senior Support Leader, Department of Economics and Business

"My favorite spot on campus is the HUB. I just love the hustle and bustle of all the students and seeing how happy everyone is."

Jim West headshot

Jim West

Professor of Economics

What is the best advice you have ever received? 
“There is only one race—the human race. Also, the advice to never engage in 'backbiting.’ It is one of the greatest destroyers of trust and unity.”


Kathleen Nemchik Barr headshot

Kathleen Nemchik Barr

Associate Director of Career Development for Experiential Learning

“My favorite spot on campus is the HUB lounge by the piano. On a cool day, I love to sit by the fire and listen to one of the many talented Moravian University students showcasing their musical abilities.”

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center

Community Partner

“Waking up every day to do work I'm passionate about is a wonderful thing. Working to open our center so the LGBT community has a place for arts, health, and youth programs has been a dream come true.”

Bernie Cantens headshot

Bernie Cantens

Professor of Philosophy

“As a first-generation college student, my parents strongly encouraged me to complete a degree in something that would (according to them) "secure my financial future." However, my desire and aspiration to be a philosopher was too strong and, after several years hating the corporate life, I made the bold decision to return to school and complete my degree in philosophy.”

Adam White headshot

Adam White

Class of 2017

"I share my story openly because it helped shape the man I am. And I do so now to show that determination and grit can get you through anything. No matter the circumstances, if you want something enough, you'll go and get it, and let nothing stand in your way."

Camie Modjadidi headshot

Camie Modjadidi

Director of Field Experiences & Instructor, Community School Supervisor

“My father always told me, never do or say anything in anger. Stop and think first. If you don’t, you will nine times out of ten regret your actions and words because you will have hurt another person.”

Cops 'n' Kids

Cops 'n' Kids

Community Partner

“Moravian University students and staff have understood—instinctively—that what we are trying to do matters. As much as we have impacted the lives of the children we serve in our community, we have also impacted the lives of the Moravian University students and all of the young adults from our community's high schools and colleges.”

Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom

Community Partner

“You have no idea how many friends you can make cleaning up dog messes! You get to spend time with nice people who share some of your interest in doing meaningful work towards a common goal, so it’s no wonder volunteers are quick to build a little community. Volunteering stops being a chore and you start to look forward to it.”

Central Moravian Church

Central Moravian Church

Community Partner

“We draw strength and joy sharing with the college our location, Church Street, and the history of the early settlement and educational efforts of the Moravians.”

Henriette Benigna Justine Zinzendorf von Watteville

Henrietta Benigna Justine Zinzendorf von Watteville (1725-1789)

Founder of Moravian Girls' School

“I was a pretty good singer in my day. I wish I would have had the opportunity to perform with Paula Zerkle and the Moravian Choir today. What a thrill that would have been!”

Scott Dams headshot

Scott Dams

Dean of Graduate & Adult Enrollment

“Be where your feet are! What you do now is not only's everything.”

Tamara Garraway headshot

Tamara Garraway

Class of 2018

“My heroes would be my mother and aunts. This group of women are my heroes because they don't stop giving to their children and family members. Their selflessness is admirable.”

Beth Gotwals headshot

Beth Gotwals

Assistant Professor of Nursing

“My heroes are the children I've met in developing countries. They don't have many resources and the future may be a big unknown for them, but they can still laugh, play, and give great hugs.”

Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf

Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf

Founder of the Moravian Church

“Don’t give up and be vulnerable in the process of lifelong learning. I was exiled and faced widespread opposition for my work to stabilize the religious environment, yet I persisted to make positive change.”

Mike Macenka headshot

Mike Macenka

Mailroom and Duplicating Supervisor

"I want to work at a non-profit ranch that rescues animals in need and helps them find forever homes, because I believe you can tell what type of person someone is by how they treat animals.”

Belinda Waller-Peterson headshot

Belinda Waller-Peterson

Assistant Professor of English

Who is your hero? Why? “Shirley Chisholm is Black girl magic personified. She was the first African American and woman to run for President of the United States in 1972. Her example encourages me to strive towards excellence.”

Kelcey Holcomb headshot

Kelcey Holcomb G'18

Graduate Student and Assistant Athletic Trainer

“The reason I became an athletic trainer was because of the ability we have to see our patients multiple times a day, every day. We see them from the time they come in as freshman through graduation. If/when they get injured I am there through the initial injury, possible surgery, doing their rehabilitation and then getting them back out on the field or court. I enjoy building a relationship of trust and healing, through the hard and good days.”

Cecilia Fox headshot

Cecilia Fox

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences; Director of Neuroscience

“I went into this discipline because I had such a curiosity about the brain and how it functions. But, the more I learn, the more I respect its complexity and the mysteries it represents. I will leave this Earth without having all the answers about how neurons die, how the brain repairs itself or how we manifest such a range of emotions and thought processes. But, it's not about the end result. It's about the journey.”

Ari Aguirre headshot

Ari Aguirre

Class of 2018

Who is your hero? “My grandmother. As a child, she was orphaned during WWII in the Philippines, but that didn't stop her from getting an education. Though she was very poor, she worked hard to graduate and become a nurse. Her strength and resilience inspire me.”

George J. Boksan headshot

George J. Boksan '78

Chief of Police

“Growing up, the elders would say, ‘Kid, remember two things: the older you get, the quicker time will go and you will hate the cold.’ The truth be told on both points.”

John Amos Comenius

John Amos Comenius

Father of Modern Education

“My favorite spot on campus is Comenius Hall because it is a symbol of your academic program at the University. But when it was first built, it included a library, gymnasium, and workshop with carpentry tools. That history embraces all of my teachings about the values of hands-on learning and play.”

Neil Wetzel headshot

Neil Wetzel

Director of Jazz Studies

"When I was in college, our wind ensemble conductor told us in a rehearsal, "Your competition for jobs when you graduate will be your teachers." That really hit me and motivated me to work harder."

Elainea Horan headshot

Elainea Horan

Class of 2016

"Creative expression combined with my nerdy tendencies makes me happy. I love creative writing and painting, but I also love Marvel Comics, Star Trek, and Jurassic Park. When my loves are combined, like in some of the paintings I had on display in the H. Paty Eiffe Gallery, I am ecstatic."

Scott Hughes headshot

Scott Hughes

Chief Information Officer

"When we see a faculty member or staff member engaging with the tools we've all built together with the students, it’s magic. I wish more people could experience that."

Joel Nathan Rosen

Joel Nathan Rosen

Associate Professor of Sociology

What's your favorite Moravian University tradition?  "The commencement ceremony, because it's great to see all who have survived the battles now wearing the gown. It's also an opportunity to celebrate those with whom I have worked so closely over the years."

Jessica Buttner headshot

Jessica Buttner

Class of 2019

"Life is all about adventure and opportunities! Those who strive to get the most out of their lives inspire me to do the same."

Sara Steinman headshot

Sara Steinman

Assistant Athletics Director

"I am on a mission to see a game in every MLB stadium—I have been to 17 so far."

Faisal Alruwaitea headshot

Faisal Alruwaitea

Class of 2016

"I sometimes tutor students who need help on writing or calculus at my place for free. I'm sharing this because I want to encourage people to provide free help to others."

Debbie Hinkel headshot

Debbie Hinkel

"Soon to be Retired" Executive Secretary to the President

"I love the sound of the ocean. When I hear it, it's because I'm physically there and I know it's time to relax from my every day responsibilities."

Martha Reid headshot

Martha Reid

Professor of English

"Shakespeare is my hero because he understood what it meant to be human, and his art helps the rest of us to understand, love, and forgive each other."

Chernoh Shaw headshot

Chernoh Shaw

Class of 2016

What makes you happy? "Overcoming challenges."

Doug Plotts headshot

Doug Plotts

Director of Facilities Management, Planning and Construction

"I love what I do both at work and at play. Some discuss the division between work and private life—my world is everything combined all the time."