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Moravian University
Philosophy Conference


9th Annual Moravian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Moravian University, Bethlehem, PA

All sessions will be held in the HUB


8:00-8:45am Registration | HUB Lobby


8:45am Welcome and Awards | UBC Room

Uppinder Mehan, Ph.D. Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences


  • Douglas Anderson Prize in Philosophy, awarded to Nick Gaspar and Colton Carlisle.
  • The Fredrick (Jiggs) McConnell Prize in Moral Philosophy, awarded to Hannah Matthews.


9:00-10:10am Plenary Talk | UBC Room

Plenary Speaker: Jeffrey Jordan, Ph. D. Is Pascal’s Wager a Safe Bet?


10:15-11:25am Metaphysics (Chair: Dr. Bill Falla) | UBC Room

  • Peirce’s Prayer: Charles S. Peirce and Hesychasm.”  Zachary Sokol (Lehigh University).
  • Fact-Constructivism from a Realist/Anti-Realist Backdrop.” Michael Bassil (Moravian University).
  • The Eternal Sand-Glass of Existence.”  Julia Greig (Bryn Mawr).


11:30am -12:40pm Friendship, Romantic Love, and Asceticism (Chair: Dr. Leon Niemoczynski) | UBC Room

  • Proper Reasons for Justifying Romantic Love.”  Ion Plamadeala (Lafayette College).
  • A Friendship with Benefits.” James Brown-Kinsella (Princeton University).
  • Aristotle’s View on Beauty Within Art: Romantic Flower Chair.” Sarah De Franco (Moravian University).


12:45-1:45pm Lunch


1:50-3:00pm Free will and Personal Identity (Chair: Harold Weiss) | Snyder Room

  • Free Will and the PSR.” Alex Mendez (Macaulay Honors Program at Brooklyn College, CUNY).
  • Free Will, Determinism and the Suicide of Robin Williams.” T. J. Dodenhoff  (Northampton Community College).
  • David Hume and Buddhism on the Problem of Personal Identity.” Yuezhuo Ma (Muhlenberg College).


3:05-4:15pm Ethics (Chair: Dr. Tad Robinson) | Snyder Room

  • A Utilitarian Defense of Animal Liberation.” Melanie Gutierrez, (Moravian University).
  • Sexual Harassment, Autonomy, and Justice in the Service Industry.” September McCarthy (Muhlenberg College).
  • The Morality of Animal Testing in the Medical Field.” Alicia Wallace (Moravian University).


4:20-5:30pm Social Justice  and Aesthetics ( Chair: Dr. Carol Moeller) | Snyder Room

  • The Complement of Hobbes and Rawls.” Jaden Lee Watkins-Myers (Northampton Community College).
  • Husserl and the Possibility of the Other.” Emily Rose Ogland (Bryn Mawr College).
  • Kierkegaard's False Asceticism.” Cody Yarnell-Soren (Moravian University).


Program Coordinators: Cody Yarnall, 2020 and Ellyn Siftar, 2019