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Moravian University
Philosophy Conference

Program & Schedule 2015

6th Annual Moravian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

March 27, 2015

Session I: Metaphysics (11:30 A.M. Comenius 105)

  • “The Acting Physician” Charles Fencil (Saint Vincent College)
  • “God, The Eternal One,” Nicole Dunst (Saint Vincent College)
  • “A Defense of Psychological Hedonism” Zachary Molchany (Moravian University)
  • “The Evidential Problem of Evil: A Position Against Skeptical Theism” Nosherwan Hamid (Moravian University)

Session II: Ethics (2:15 PM Hall of Science 202)

  • “Arguing Against Relativism,” Colton Carlisle (Northampton Community College)
  • “The Moral Permissibility of Destruction in Cases of Environmental Conservation,” Monick Perone (Moravian University)
  • “A Case for Antinatalism: Schopenhaur, Benatar, and the Harm of Coming into Existence” Zohal Khan (Moravian University)
  • "Moral Perspective or Child Pornography” Abagael Woleschok (Moravian University)
  • “Personhood and After-Birth Abortion,” Nicholas Johnson (DeSales University)

Session III: Value Theory (3:30 P.M. Hall of Science 202)

  • “Multilateral Retributivism: Justifying Change,” Richard Eva (Princeton University)
  • “Who Can or Can’t Say what, and Why? In search of Oxrev Feminism’s Philosophical Origins” Ryan Klein (Eastern University)
  • “Communicative Action and the Subaltern” Derek Liedel (Temple University)
  • “The Christian Artist Responds to Nietzsche: Art that Says ‘Yes’ to this Life and to the Life to Come,” Madeleine Stokes (Eastern University)